Tuesday, March 28, 2017

My 1 year blogiversery!

Hi! 😃

One year ago today, I posted my first post: Meet Kit. I've come so far since then! And good gravy, it feels like longer. To celebrate, I have this post. And possibly a giveaway later. 🙂 (yay! giveaways!) Here is a small timeline of this year: 

In April, I crafted some chicks and a coop, not very important to the time line, but so adorable!

I also started the Going to America series.
(view the rest on my craft series page)

The girls learned that they were going to CA, in a very badly done photostory. 😛

The first stop on the trip!
(see the rest on the trip to CA page)
Then the last, and one of my favorite stops: The aquarium!

I finished the going to America series.

I started Doll dinning. (see craft series page)

I also started the gems of power. 💎🦄🙂

I also designed a girl of the year.

I started TBFN. (see writing competitions)

My dolls had a picnic for the 4th of July.

I gave Josefina a photoshoot

I was inspired by the force awakens, and I crafted Rey's foodgoggles, and inspired clothes, then Kit did a post with them.

I did think to ink.

And Kit became a mermaid.

Kit's birthday, and Camille's introduction.
(also a view of the store, and Camille got a review)

Also some randomness about the fall festival. 🙂

The then the thanksgiving stuff.

And pumpkin pie

and a turkey!

Then what they did on thanksgiving. 

And then a Christmas party!

The first part, in a Christmas of surprises

An the second part. With Lea's arrival.

Ruthie had her birthday.

So did Elizabeth.

I took some pictures on valentines day.

And I did the the first, and second writers prompt challenge.

And we are here now! I would like to thank you guys sooooooooo much for reading, and following this blog, it means so much to me. 😊



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Ok, I'll stop. 😄 

Blogging has meant a lot to me. I'm not as active as I used to be, but I still love it. (I used to post every day. Wow.....) Now, I'll admit that I enjoy reading post more than I do writing them. (That could be because my typing is terrible...) But I can't imagine not being able to share what my dolls do with you guys! And talking about them....
Hello! Thank you sooooooo much for reading my moms blog! 
Yep, it's great. Is it friday now?
We're probably not finishing rouge on, they want to finish Rebels!
That's true. However, I'm sure that they'll finish it soon, but first they want to see what's going to happen, they're scared for their characters!
Yeah, but I'm scared for these characters! I mean, that octopus thing! Totally creepy looking! And directer Krennic!
That octopus was gross.
*They all shudder*
Now we're just sitting around, waiting for friday!
Kit's the only one actually sitting.
Oh yeah. And she's the only one with a lightsaber!
What? You guys get to dress up. My mom decided to get me a lightsaber. Don't look at me like that! Your mom has what, $100? Go pester her!
Can I have a lightsaber?
No. You're to little. And when did you come down? 
Just now. I got bored all by myself.
Were we supposed to be talking about something?
Yes we were, actually.
What was it?
Something to do with the blogiversary.
Oh yeah. Mom didn't know what to do, so she handed it over to us, which means we be helpful, not talking about star wars. *sigh*
When can we watch more ninjago?
Later, Camille. We can't talk about ninjas either.
This post is getting really long, you know!
It sure is, especially since mom wants to have a favorite picture roll.
That'll take a while!
Yep, so are we going to actually get this thing started?
Yes. Wait, what?
*sigh* You know what? Lets just get on with the photo gallery.
So, everyone, this is a collection of aunt Olive's favorite photos. 
We hope you enjoy!

That was a lot of pictures. But it was so nice going through and seeing them all. 🙂 I shall wrap this post up. A giveaway is coming soon, and Jaclynn is having one now, if you didn't notice the button on the side bar. 😉 Thank you guys soooo much for reading my blog, and leaving such sweet comments. You guys are awesome! 😊
Bye for now, from