Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Happy fourth of July! - a photostoryish post :p

What did you do yesterday? We did this. :p If you want to see the pictures bigger, just click on them. :)
Do you remember? 
Kit in purple.
Ruthie in aqua.
Elizabeth in pink.
And two new ones,
Sweety in orange.
Lucy in yellow. 
(Lucy belongs to Baby.)

Ok, I think this is a good spot for our picnic.
*grumbles* Good, because I'm exhausted. Next time you carry the ice chest.
Of course not. I carried the picnic blanket and food
No, Sweety we aren't going that way, over here

Ok, I'll run this way, and pretend I see a flower.
 And I'll go the other way, and make for the pie. She can't hold both of us!
Hah hah hah hah!!
And the girls hear: gurgle coo bubble pbth!

Now the girls have the blanket set out, and are resting.

Oh look, has Sweety got a flower? Yes she has!
Here, let me see that flower, I have a great idea!
Ok, what is the great idea?
Elizabeth hears: gurgle burp pbth pbbttthhhh!
Now, now, play nice.

Woof! I'm tired. Can I have a soda now?
No, you can have one when we eat dinner. 
What time is it? 
5:00. We will eat soon. 
I can't believe you forgot the sparklers!
Oh well, maybe next year.

Now it's time to eat! 
*slurp* Ahhh! this is more like it!
Ok, has everyone got a plate?
Sweety, don't do that! you need to put food on it!
gurgle pbth!
coo! tee hee!

Now they are in the middle of eating. Looks good! 

This corn on the cob is the life! The steak is pretty good to.

It is good, but we forgot forks! Thank goodness we have a lot of napkins.

On that subject, can I have about ten more?

Lucy! I'll cause a distraction and you shake up her soda!

Right away, cap'n!

 This is so fun! Can we do it again next year?

Of course! And we will have fire works! and-!
*spray* Akkk! Eeewwwwww! Can you make that thirty napkins?
Oh! Yes, coming!