Saturday, January 4, 2020

This Month on Instagram #15- December

Hey ya'll! 
How was your Christmas? Mine was pretty good. I got a blanket shaped like a mermaid tail, and the collection of Earthsea novels, illustrated! :D I also got a phone number, but who wants to deal with boring grown up stuff. Not ME. 
Better buckle down, this is a long one :D

I originally planned to have multiple dolls in this shoot, and then I was like: nah.

Her doggo.

*giggling* "Grace, stop it!"


I love this doll 

omgoodness I love these two 😍


And an exclusive pic, one I didn't even realize I had until later :D

Ain't it cool? It's so cool.

How was your new years? Hazel's family came to visit per usual, and we also got see Tory for the first time in quite a bit.
I didn't make any resolutions, per usual, because why? if I decide to start or stop doing something, I'm not going to wait until the first of January. 1, I'll never remember by the time it rolls around, 2, ...I can't remember. I'm sure it was good. XD
Point being, IF I resolve to do something, it means I have the motivation to start it, which means its Effective ImmediatelyTM before I lose my mojo. XP 
Besides, life come in phases, phases that don't care about the puny restrictions of the calendar. :D 
I'm in the middle of a phase, a chapter, I'm not going to cut if half for times sake. I'm not going to separate it in half, like "this bit happened in 2019, but then we cut off weirdly and say we start over in 2020, a NeW dEcAdE" I'm not starting over. I'm continuing my story. 
And I'm sorry if I'm being too salty for some of you, if you want to try to start over, thats fine! If you're going to make resolutions and then actually remember them two days later...
...are you even human. 

But it is cool to look back and see how far I've grown. I've grown stronger, stressing less, strengthened some friendships, drifted out of some friendships, read some good books, drawn some good drawings, taken some lovely pictures, laughed, cried, and loved.
I know some people talk about all the good and bad things that happened to them in the year, (or decade if they're really hard core) but who can remember. not me. XD All I know is that I was pretty happy and pRETTY STRESSED. But mostly happy. 
But I will say that the bad thing that I CAN remember is I just lost my favorite Lloyd minifigure two, three days before Christmas and still haven't found him. 😭
But I WILL find him. 
So 2019 was a pretty good year, but definitely my most stressful, what with all this new growing up nonsense like drivers ed, last year of high school, and duel enrollment collage classes. -_-
Who's idea was all this grown up nonsense. I don't like it and don't want it.
This is getting long, ya'll came here for pictures, I should write up a different blog post if I'm going to talk about life.

Ok I just read what I wrote and WOW I got salty quick, this was supposed to be a positive post. XD 
I also realize that this reads kind of choppy, but thats how my brain works. :/
And since I can't think of anything else to say, here's a picture of the latest member of my adopted fictional children. 
Image result for baby yoda
Isn't he adorable? 😄

Anyhoo, how was your Christmas? your new years? have you seen The Mandalorian? do you ever surprise yourself by how salty and bitter you can be?