Sunday, October 30, 2016

a bunch of pictures of trees (and water. and more trees.)

Hi! First off, I'm sooo sorry! I haven't posted in like, a week? *hides face in hands* I'm currently having bloggers block, (like writers block) and with a super busy schedule, I have nothing. But we went to a park/nice walking place a few days ago with some little friends, and I took some pics.

 We found this little newt/salamander. Thorin wanted to keep him for a pet, but he was hurt, and he died.

 Wouldn't this make a great writing prompt? I think I'll add it to the page...

And that's it. I also want to show you some funny book stuff my mom found and showed me.
(click to enlarge)

 So me. XD Except in the fall, then it's: It's so nice...I'd better go outside and read.

Oh gosh. XD


And that concludes it. NO, WAIT! Hazel is having a small story contest, please enter! She'll love it so much. You can see it HERE.  I'd be writing my story, but I'm just like, this. then that. one sentence. at a time. AUUGGGHH!! Any way, goodbye!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

The fall festival! (My family's substituite for halloween)

Hi everyone! Yesterday evening we went to the fall festival, and I have some pictures that I took and want to share. It's noon right now, and I don't think I will get this up fast enough. :/ Oh well!
The fall festival is at our church, in the gym. Basically, a bunch of people set up little 'booths' where you dress up, and play a game or something to get candy. There's also a cake walk, and a hay ride outside. This year, I was doing a booth with two other girls. One was the photographer, and the other was dressed up as Anna, (I keep thinking that there should be an 'h' in there!) and I was Elsa. We drew a big back round at my house, and coloring it took FOREVER.

It's really big.

Ivy dressed up as Rey, and her costume was pretty good concidering that we put it together in two days. (My Elsa costume took weeks!)

We all ready had the shirt and the bag, we got the pants at goodwill, the belt I made out of fleece, and the cross thingies are one of my dad's shirts that we cut up. 

She also wore her new church boots.

And here's my Elsa costume! Isn't it gorgeous? *heart eyes*
 My mom made it last year. :)

We cut the skirt off a dress and sewed it to a thin see-through sweater. Then we cut the top of a weird shirt and sewed that to the sweater.

Then we bought this beautiful fabric at Joan's fabric store for the cape.

And this is my wig, on my temporary wig stand, since I have shoulder length brown hair. 
(No, the bow is not part of the costume! XD )

And this is my bear without the wig. Her name is Amanda the panda, and she's the fuzzyist thing ever! I got her at a zoo in TN. :)

This is the camera we used. We bought it for about $60 at walmart, and spent almost the much for film to go with it. It's a slightly different version than THIS one, but has the same principles. It's so cute!

Aaaaand, just in case you were curious, here's my picture wall. XD

We always dress up the dolls of course, and this year I made them all star warsy.

Kit here! I'm a jedi! 

I'm a jedi too, of course! ;)

And I'm also a jedi!

Hi! I'm not a jedi padawan yet, but when Mama was dressing us she thought of a story! She wouldn't tell me what it was though.

I also have a little bag.

She likes to talk. And no, I won't tell you what the story is about. ;) And the first picture is the one I'm going to enter in Jessica's photo contest! You should too! ;) Anyway, happy Sunday!

Annnnd, the rest of the crew. ;)

Friday, October 21, 2016

Sisters- a photoshoot of Kit and Camille

Hello, hello! Sorry this is late we were shopping yesterday AND today. :p I took these in the evening so that's why there is really weird lighting, sorry. Also, the italiced words are a weird thing I wrote for the pictures. If I knew the lyrics for a song that would fit, I would use that. Onward! 


A leader...

...and a follower.

A bond.

Knit tightly....

...through the spiral of life...

(Ok, can I die over how cute they are? eeee!)
(Oh, I just spoiled the moment didn't I? oops. I'll just go now....)

So alike...

...yet so different.

Helping each other reach new heights...

"But what if I fall?"

"Then I help you back up again."

Reaching out...

I trust you.

Awwww, *snifs* I made myself cry. *blows nose* but it was probably to cheesy for you normal people. *sigh* oh well. I had a craft planed, but one of the materials has yet to be dug from the mess of dad's work bench, and NOBODY touches his work bench. So I'm working on another one. Bye!