Sunday, April 10, 2016

Going to America - Part 1

I am starting a craft series based around Kirsten's time. It's really fun, and I think you will like it.
I'm postponing the chocolate frogs, but they will be here soon!  

The first thing to do, is make up her story. If you don't know where to start, answer these questions.

What country is she from?
Why is she going to America?
Will she come with anybody? 
Will she be leaving some family behind?            (In this case, family is grand parents,                  Is some of her family already in America?            aunts, uncles, cousins, you get it.)
What part of America will she live in?   

My doll was...
From Norway.
To join her father.
With her mother and siblings. (Also her two cousins and their mothers and siblings.)
Her grandmother.
Her father and two uncles.

You can make up a LOT more story than that, but this is just the basics.
The most important thing that they had was their trunk. Every thing they would need on the trip and when they were there would be in that trunk. 

To make one, just cover a shoe box with brown paper, the bigger the shoe box the better. Then draw a plaque on the front, (hopefully yours will look better than mine) and write your dolls last name in it. I put Kirsten's last name in it, because it is for her.

She will also be needing....

Clothes: If you have anything from Kirsten's era, of course it will do, but if not, long plain darkish skirts and white shirts will do. Bonnets and caps, also shawls, kerchiefs, and aprons. (coming soon)

Boots: They need to be plain, But if you don't have the right kind, boots are coming soon!

Dishes: A big pot, along with bowls, knifes, spoons, and cups.

Some treasured items, mini pottery and such.
Tools, (coming soon)
Quilts, (coming soon)
Seeds, (coming soon
Snowshoes, (coming soon)
Family photo album, (coming soon)
Bible, this was very important, as it was usually passed down for generations. A pocket bible works. 
Soap (got to stay clean, there are a lot of germs on board)
Candles (plain birthday candles work)
Money, hide it well, that is all you have.
One toy per child, (dolls are coming soon!)
Sewing supplies, for mending clothes (coming soon)
Slate, (coming soon)
Clothes line, a piece of yarn or string, about three feet long.
Fishing pole, (coming soon)
Knitting needles and yarn (coming soon)

Your doll should also have a bundle of food, apples, cheese, and bread.