Monday, July 4, 2016

The bloggers fantasy notebook writing challenge (FNWC) 1

Yay! I'm so excited, thank you Rutvi! I am on team dragons, yay! :D
Rutvi, I used 7 prompts, and a dragon, but I couldn't get the images on here. :(
It's kinda long. ;)

The end. I suppose you want an explanation for that. 'The end' was my entire life, before now. Now.... I'm not sure. By the way, my name is Catherine, but everyone calls me Beth. My father was a soldier, during the war. He was scouting, and he discovered the desk of the enemy's general in the woods. He was looking for any important papers when one of the enemy soldiers came from behind and shot him. When we found out, my mother was in a daze for a few weeks. I told myself that she was just heart broken, and she would recover. In the mean time, I was left taking care of her, myself, and my baby sister. My sister didn't survive. I didn't know how to take care of her, and there was no one to ask for help. When my mother recovered, she ignored me. She acted as if my sister and I had never existed. I used to be a nice person, but something broke. I just don't care any more. I'm not sick, I'm twisted. Sick makes it sound like there is a cure. Enough, time to tell you what happened next. I was walking home from school, and I noticed and ally that wasn't there this morning. And it looked.....dirty. Not grimy dirty, but dirt dirty. and was that a tree back there, or a lamp post? And those weren't trash cans, they were rocks. And instead of piles of garbage, there were ferns. I decided to check it out.
I had walked about half way in, when I felt a shiver. I looked behind me, and I couldn't see the street. I was in a forest, it looked like I was on the side of a mountain. I shrugged and kept walking. I was trudging along, staring at my feet when I heard a strange snort, and my face was enveloped in a cloud of smoke. I choked and stumbled backwards. Sitting in front of me was a dragon.
 "Well, that should teach you to watch where your going, so you don't keep walking into things." I started. 
"You can talk? A dragon?" I wheezed.
"Well of course....and you're a human? Like, one hundred percent actual human? I've heard scary things about you guys."
"Yes, I'm a human, but what do you mean, about you hearing 'scary things about you guys'?"
"Well, you know," The dragon swished it's tail nervously. "You know, pollution, war, and other stuff." I raised my eyebrows. 
"True." I said. "How do I get home? I'm getting hungry." 
"I don't know. But we can ask old Bob. He see's all sorts of things. By the way, my name is Deena."
"My name is Beth, where does old Bob live?"
"He lives across a lake near here. Get on my back, and I will take you." I climbed up, and she jumped off a small drop and flew. It was beautiful. I smiled for the first time ever since my dad died. It just felt so good. Then Deena said, "Uh oh." And swooped down. 
"What is it?" Then I saw a boy, about my age, maybe a few years older, lying on the edge of the lake. His wrists were tied to a chain, and the edges of the chain disappeared under the sand, so he couldn't get up. He looked exhausted, and the little ripples kept splashing his face. "Who is that?"
"A friend. His name is Max."
"What happened?" Since the smiles had come out, other things did to. I felt something that I also hadn't felt for years, the wish to help.
"How should I know?" Deena swooped down and landed on the sand. I got off and started on the ropes, while Deena helped by blowing more smoke in my face, knocking me over, and sticking her head all over the place. Yep, she was a big help. And yes, that was sarcasm. Any way, I finally got Max untied, and Deena rolled him up the beach. She was careful not to cut him with her claws, but he ate a lot of sand.
"Who did that to you?" Deena asked.
"They did."
"No! Not here?" 
"Yes here, and they are still around. They are looking for a girl who entered a portal this afternoon." He looked at me. "I assume that they are looking for you." 
"Who are 'they'? And why are they looking for me?" I asked.
"First question, no one knows. second question, because you have seen a secret world. They don't want you to go back and tell everyone about it." 
"I wouldn't tell anyone! I don't have anyone to tell." I mumbled.
"Look, Catherine-"
"Don't call me that."
"Why not?"
"Because that's my mothers name. I don't like her."
"Sorry Beth, I forgot."
"And how did you know my name?" 
"Old Bob told me." Hearing that, Deena asked very excitedly:
"You saw him? When?" 
"This morning. He told me a lot of things, like if we even found a way to get Beth home, They would track her down any way."
"Can we go see him now?"
"No. He died before he could finish talking." If a dragon could look sad, Deena did.
"Well," She said. "There is only one thing left to do. Beth will stay here, and we will protect her, until we figure out something else."
"I want to go home." I said.
"And I want to go to the moon. It ain't happening sweetheart. Time to accept that." Deena told me gently.
I might continue this......
And I will have a fourth of July post up tomorrow. Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I couldn't find the device that had the pics on it for corn on the cob. :(


  1. great writing! (or typing)

  2. Awesome writing!!! would you want to hear mine?? sadly i dont have a blog so i couldnt enter the challenge but i could post it hear for you to read??? im not very good at writing but i still like to do it. let me know if you want to hear it!!

    1. OH! I totoly forgot to mention, buzz about ag set up an email, and she might let you join late! she tells you about it on her other blog, so sugar sweet,