Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's day!

Hey girls! 
I hope you've had a happy Valentine's day- we had a sugar rush.😜
We had a small feast of baked deliciousness, but I forgot to take pictures. Oh well. So instead I took a few pics of the decor, and the dollies having a small party.

I love how the first one came out.😊

The dolls had a little party on the hutch, where they always have their downstairs parties. 

(By the time I got to this one, She'd grabbed a spoon. 😛)

We had a table of treats, set on a chocolate box, set on another box. Camille hadn't changed from the last party

 She looks quite hungry. 😊

 Kirsten and Josefina joined us, because we had two more outfits to spare.

But look....

I fixed her up a bit.🙂 I did the same to Samantha. But I still need a straitening iron and replacement string....anyone know what string would be good for that?
Au revoir!