About the dolls

Meet Kit

She is my only American Girl doll, so she gets everything I craft for her! My grandparents gave her to me for Christmas 2010. When she speaks, it is in purple.
Age: 15-ish
Favorite color(s): Purple and light blue
Favorite food(s): Pizza and Chick-Fil-A
Favorite dessert(s): Brownies and homemade pie
Favorite movie(s): Star Wars and any Disney princess
Scared of: Spiders
Wish: For her mama, (me) to stop knocking her things over in the dark
Siblings: Camille. 
Fun fact: Kit can stay quiet for hours, daydreaming, and then talk for hours over her adventures in her mind.
 Pet(s): Grace, her dog

Favorite sport(s): Cheerleading, and watching baseball

Favorite things to do: Rollerblade, ride her scooter, and climb trees

Grace got tired 

Friends (Besides family): Carmen is on the right, and Maria is on the left.

Meet Ruthie

Ruthie is Ivy's doll. Ivy is my sister, she is a year younger than me. Ivy got Ruthie the same year I did, also from our grandparents. When she speaks, it is in aqua.

Age: 13

Favorite color(s): Blue, green and pink

Favorite food(s): Pizza, steak and fruit

Favorite dessert(s): Ice cream and cake
Favorite movie(s): Star Wars
Scared of: Snakes
Wish: A fruit stand
Siblings: Lea, Who was adopted.
Fun fact: She can't stand it when people say that soccer is boring.
Friends (Besides family): Same as Kit. :)

 Pet(s): Here is Ruthie with her dog, Pepper, and her birds, Goldie and Golden

Favorite Sport(s): Soccer

Favorite thing to do: Draw and play. Here she is drawing

              Meet Elizabeth                        

Elizabeth is Daisy's doll. We found out that she is an old truly me doll. My mom rescued her from a garage sale, got her a dress from ebay, and gave her to Daisy for her birthday, in 2013. ( Daisy is my little sister) When she speaks, it is in pink.
Age: 10
Favorite color(s): Pink
Favorite food(s): Hamburger and fries
Favorite desserts(s): Cake
Favorite movie(s): The American Girl movies
Scared of: Bears
Wish: A pet bunny
Fun fact: Elizabeth is sweet and silly, also tall for her age. ;)

Pet(s): This is her horse, Misty...

....and her kittens. The white one is Sugar, and the brown one is Cinnamon

She also has a dog and pig.

Favorite sport(s): Ridding and cheerleading (does that count as a sport? I don't know...)


Favorite thing to do: Play outside. Actually, they all enjoy playing outside, so here is a pic of them playing a chase game

Friends (Besides family): Samantha (owned by Tory's little sister)

And her long lost twin, Josie (Kyra's doll)

Meet Camille
This is Camille. She is a Wellie wisher, and Kit's little sister. I bought her October 2016 from a temporary American girl store with my birthday money. To read her story, click HERE. When she speaks, it is in blue.
Age: 6-7-ish 
Favorite color(s): Different shades of blue.
Favorite food(s): When she was growing up, it was scones and muffins. Now that she is back home, she has added croissants to the list, and is utterly amazed by pizza.
Favorite dessert(s): Anything chocolate.
Favorite movie(s): Cinderella and Frozen.
Scared of: The dark, being alone.
Wish: To be a mermaid! Or go scuba diving and find some.
Siblings: Her big sister is Kit.
Favorite sport(s): Does hide-and-seek count?
Favorite thing to do: Play around, or snuggle under a blanket and listen to a story.
Fun fact: She adopted the hexbug aquabot by the door, and named it nemo. Her sister and cousins decided not tell her that it's not a real fish.
Friends (Besides family): Josie's little sister, Emerson.

Meet Lea

Ivy got Lea for Christmas in 2016. She is Ruthie's adopted sister now. When she speaks, it is in orange. Read her entrance HERE.

Age: 13
Favorite color(s): Bright tropical colors.
Favorite food(s): Fruit smoothies.
Favorite dessert(s): Coconut cakes.
Favorite movie(s): Rio.
Scared of: Crocodiles.
Wish: To go hang gliding!
Siblings: Ruthie.
Favorite sport(s): Tennis and volleyball
Favorite thing to do: Spend time with her family
Fun fact: Lea grew up and lived in America until she was 9. Then she stayed in a Brazilian orphanage until she was adopted and flew back to the states. She speaks English and Portuguese fluently.


  1. Your dolls are really cute! <3

  2. Your dolls are beautiful! And having one doll is super fun! :D When I had one doll, Molly, she got everything I crafted for her, too! LOL! Once again, your dolls are so pretty and your photos are great! :D

  3. Hi! I love your blog. Unless I am mistaken, Elizabeth used to be a Felicity doll! And ironically, Felicity's best friend is named Elizabeth! XD

    1. thank you! :)
      we concidered that, but felicity has green eyes, elizabeth has blue. I know, it is funny! XD

  4. THE. DOLLS.

    ( by the way it's me Kyra)

  5. Your dolls are so cute! I have quite a bit in common with Kit, but I have some similarities to Ruthie and Lea, as well. Oh, could you do a review on Kit, sometime? Thanks.