Friday, April 22, 2016

The first stop- TN

Sorry, sorry, sorry! Please don't leave! We never have internet. we are also on day 6, but this is day one.

The first stop, TN! The dolls were very excited.

Kit likes to look out the window.

(The gray stuff on the windows is tint, but it didn't work so my dad scrubbed some port holes) 

Here are some more pics from our drive through TN.

Most of the pics are from the mountains.

We stopped at my grandpa's house, we got there late. 

Kit wanted to go exploring, but she wasn't sure.

Now she is going out the door...

A little tree!

Now a big one!

It was dark, so she grabbed a flashlight.  
It won't work!

That's better. More exploring! 

Bye bye!

Next stop: Oklahoma!

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  1. I like how Kit is so adventurous and the pictures of Tennessee are beautiful! Keep it up Kit!