Wednesday, October 7, 2020

This Month on Instagram #22- September


"Ayyyy, it's Kit, your favorite espionage master of disaster!"

"Ninja Kit is gracing you with her presence once more, do not ask why, simply admire me while you can. 😎"

Kit, chill out.

"No. :("
"Anyway, I've got another mission. Top secret, obviously, can only be trusted to one so skilled as I."

"Do you like my sword? I like my sword. Olive has the photos for a DIY post for it, but hasn't bothered writing it yet. She also didn't finish mine, I'd be perfectly happy with a red ribbon handle, but she wants purple. But did she go shopping? Nope!"

"But I can't have a bare hilt so I borrowed Ruthie's hair ribbon, I'm sure she won't mind."

"No that pine cone is not holding up my leg how dare you."


"Finally, here's the focus shift. You knew it was coming."

"Yes, I brought a cup of tea. Being a ninja can be taxing work, and tea is very calming."

"It can be pretty discouraging sometimes, being a ninja. The world is so big, and full of big, mean people, and I'm only a small doll. More often then not, it feels impossible that I can EVER make a difference. But my sensei told me a story once..."

"A Buddhist monk was walking along the beach one morning with one of his students.
Thousands of fish had been washed up onto the shore after a fierce storm. Stooping down, the monk lifted a single creature and returned it to its home in the sea. The student asked why the master did this when it made so little difference to the mass of stranded fish. As the monk lifted another single fish he replied,
“It makes a difference to this one.”
And he tossed it back into the sea."

"Get the picture?"

Kit, honey, you're being a tiny bit cheesy. I will look back on this post in a few months and die.

"I can and will dump this cup of tea on your head. :)"

I can and will ground you. :)

"Oof okay."

"Anyway, I gotta get cracking. Lot's of fish on that beach, and I've got two small currently empty hands."
"See ya next time, ninja Kit out!"

~Kit &

aite now I'm off to take photos of a doll that isn't Kit this is her third shoot in a row this year XD

Sunday, September 6, 2020

This Month on Instagram #21- August

 Hi y'all! 

*takes off a month* *does a month* *takes off a month* *does a month* 

lets not skip next month, yes? XD

This in a long post, like a full shoot and a half. It was SUPPOSED to be two shoots, but somebody spoiled it. *pointed look at Camille and the sun*

This shot? like this one.

bUt hErE cOmEs tHe sUn

Camille cute tho :3

my pretty lil girl 😍
Then right after I got this shot, she fell backwards and got her hair all wet and sandy. -_- I took her inside and washed it, she's fine now, but I moved on to Kit after that, and was much more careful πŸ˜…
Luckily for me, a cloud came and I didn't struggle with the lighting as much until the end :D

"why are there so many shots of her just standing there on the edge, Olive" the aNgLeS, the cUtEnEsS!!

love switching the focus, like πŸ˜™πŸ‘Œ


exclusive not on insta photo πŸ‘€


Check out my agig account HERE.

Hope y'all been doing well, and have a great September!

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

This Month on Instagram #20- June

Yeah, I took a break during May, I should really start warning y'all before I do XD 
But! I can warn you that I won't be posting in July either, as I'm taking a break from agig for at least a month. But I'll still be here, at Writing in the Clouds, and my new general instagram HERE.
but as for now, here's the June photo shoot! πŸ’š

"Come Grace, we've got lots of newspapers to deliver today!"

close ups, slightly different angles, ahhh. If you don't like them, too bad because I do XD 


"Hmm hmm what have we here."
"Minimum wage has been lifted to 40¢, my stars, what is the world coming to."

"What do you think, Grace?"
"Very astute."


How've y'all been? I graduated high school and got my first job, and am really, really tired of covid restrictions. If I've got to leave the house and interact with people for work, I want to be able to go back to normal church, and karate, dang it. XD
Lemme know what's up in the comments, and have an awesome day :)