Monday, May 29, 2017

Tea party and other things

Hey ya'll!
So we went to the tea party, and I didn't get as much pictures as I wanted because Ivy, Tory and I got roped into chasing the little girls all around the house, and OUTSIDE, in 86 degree weather. uhg. But we got cake, so that was good. 😋 But here are the photos I did get:  

from left to right: Kaya, Lea, Julie, Kit, Carmen, and Ruthie. 

And here is a SUPER bad picture of them all hanging out while I set up the next batch of dolls.

These were the younger girl's dolls. Unfortunately, I don't know the names of the dolls on the ends, they belonged to some other little girls there, but Samantha and Maryellen are Tory's little sister's dolls, and of course there is Elizabeth. 😜
Camille didn't come, she didn't have anything to wear, and even if she did she still wouldn't come, because I made this for her last week and she won't take it off. 
Isn't it cute? I made it like the fin-fun mermaid tails, and even though I have to fix the waist band, I really like how it turned out!
When you take the tail off, its a little swim suit. I love the ruffles!
I put thick craft foam in the fins, leaving a space for her feet to fit in. 🙂🐚🐋

Also, in case you weren't checking back, (tut tut!) parts four and four-and-a-half of The Road to Salin were posted.

I'm also going camping tomorrow, so I won't be posting until I get back, around Sunday, or if I'm to tired then, Monday. Hopefully I'll get lots of good pictures! 😃
Well, toodles!

Do you like tea parties? Which type of chocolate cake is best? 
Do you enjoy camping? Do you like Camille's tail?
 Do you think those fin-fun tails are a 
bit overpriced? (read: a LOT)

Saturday, May 27, 2017

A quick update:

Hey girls!
This is just a small update, first of all, Hazel's started posting again! Blogger has FINALLY decided to cooperate, and she has several posts planned. 🙂
See it HERE.
(Go read it. Then finish this post)

Exciting, right?😃 and for those you who are too lazy to search for The Road to Salin to remember what's happened, (*cough* I certainly didn't have to. *cough*) here are the links for all three parts:

Also, I'm going to another tea party at Tory's today, (I can't wait to fangirl about ninjago with you!) and so I'll have pictures of that, and in a few more days I'm going camping with Hazel! (In the mountains. With bears. yay???) It should be fun. 😛 I also got braces. The rubber bands are purple, (of course) they're rubbing the inside of my lib raw, and my teeth hurt. yippee. 
What was I going to say?
I dunno.
Rudy crafted an x-box. So cool.
Bye. 😛

Monday, May 22, 2017

Guess what???


**An Important Update for Our Customers**
We love and appreciate our dedicated American Girl fan community, and we take our role in listening and responding to your feedback very seriously. In recent months, many of you have shared your thoughts on how we can continue delivering the great products you’ve come to expect from us. We’ve heard you, and we will be implementing two changes as a result.
First, we will be reverting to the separate underwear design for all of our 18-inch dolls. Starting today, any dolls that are currently in production or any new dolls being developed will now come with removable underwear. Because there are dolls with permanent underwear already in the market, this will be a rolling change—meaning dolls that currently have the permanent underwear design will remain as is until the inventory is sold through.
However, if you currently own an American Girl doll with the permanent underwear and are disappointed with the design, we will do a one-time, free body exchange on the doll to create one with separate underwear and return the doll to you at no cost. For details on this offer, please click here:
Second, we have made the decision to return to our iconic boutique box for our 18-inch dolls. Only the new 2017 contemporary characters, as well as some of our Truly Me dolls, will come in the current packaging until inventory is sold through. In addition, none of our 18-inch doll outfits will be sewn directly into packaging, with the exception of any existing inventory for our 2017 contemporary characters.
Thank you for caring enough to share your candid and heartfelt opinions with us, and we are sorry if we disappointed you in any way. Your feedback helps us deliver on our promise to create high-quality products, services, and experiences that nourish a girl’s spirit and help develop her strength of character.
Your Friends at American Girl
I'm sooooo excited that they listened! 😁 
Thank you to everyone who wrote to american girl! We made a difference! 🙂
How excited are you? 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A nature walk

I'm so sorry for not posting lately, I don't know what has gotten into me, I just can't make myself write a post. It might be too hot here, or maybe I'm still sad about granny doughnut's retirement, or I'm missing my friends, or just because I've been fangirling too much lately, but I'm sure THAT isn't the problem. 😛
But don't worry, I'm not leaving you guys. 💜
But we went on a nature walk a few weeks ago, and I never posted the pics. So here they are. 🙂

These were growing by the little nature center.

When we started the walk, the first thing of interest was this snake. I think it was a black racer, or something like that.

These lucky people have a nature park in their back yard.

You see the greenish colored house on the right? I want to buy it when I grow up. 🙂

teeny weeny little flower. 💜

I deer print! And a deep one. 🙂

oooh, I like this one.

I think these were taken by Ivy, because I don't remember taking them, and that's her hand.😛

Have an awesome day!

Do you like nature walks? What do you like best about them? 
As a punishment for disappearing, would rather hypothetically 
beat me with book, a flyswatter, or a giant marshmallow? 
Or would you rather read the book and eat the marshmallow?

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Happy star wars day!

Hey girls! (and guys, if you're reading this) today is star wars day, and I hope you get to do something cool today! 😃
I don't......*sigh*
Meanwhile, here is a pretty lame image I made, and a collection of star wars posts for you to check out. 🙂

awwwwww, Camille is so cuuuute 💙

Any way, the posts!

From my blog:

From other blogs:

American girl ideas DIY lightsaber

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Ok I'm done. Go do something cool, like watch all eight star wars movies one after another, while I go beat my brother with a paper lightsaber and sing star wars parody songs.

🎶My, oh my, this here Anakin guy
maybe Vader someday later
now he's just a small fry🎶

Unfortunately, I don't remember what song that was, so I can't share the link. Oh well.

May the force be with you!

What are you doing today? Do you love star wars as much as I do?
Could you figure out the eight movies I was talking about, 
or should have been more specific?