Friday, December 30, 2016

A Christmas of surprises~ part 1

Yes, here is the photo story....three days late, and with the worst photos in the world. :P

It was Christmas morning. "Wake up! It's Christmas!" Kit called, grabbing her robe a swinging her legs off the bed. 

Camille started, still half asleep. "Wha-what? I can't *yawn* can't see anything..."

Elizabeth and Ruthie giggled and pulled on their robes.

And the scurried to the living room, as Kit tucked her lightsaber in her robe pocket.

They squealed. A lot.
Then they pulled down their stockings, sneaking glances at the tree, and mint hershey kisses apparently....

And sat down to dump them out.

AS quill, a ball, Lady and the tramp, and candy.

A pin, which she promptly put on, Frozen, a marble, a pom-pom doll, and candy.

A jingle bell headband, a squishy ball, Beauty and the beast, and candy.

A little yoda in a box, a ball like a jewel, Cinderella, and candy.

Daisy, Ivy, and I made them eat breakfast before presents. They whipped in and out of the kitchen so fast I couldn't get a picture. XD

They sat back down as Camille went to get her present.

She undid the ribbon....

"A frog! A big, squishy, soft frog! I love frogs! Thank you, mama!"
"You're welcome, sweetie." :) <3

 Elizabeth got a big one. It was...

A dress, a headband, and shoes! "Ooh! It's so pink!"

Kit took a little one. "What could it be?"

"Doll clothes! Camille, would you get my doll please?"

"Here you go!"
"Oh thank you!"


"Now it's my turn to open a darn present!"

"Oooooh, fuzzy pants! I SOOOO need these!"

Elizabeth and Kit got fuzzy pants too.

Then there was just one present under the tree. "Don't open that one yet," Daisy warned. "I want Elizabeth to come see something first." "Ok! But I want to put on my new clothes first." She replied.

When Elizabeth finished, she led the way to the door. "Interesting outfit." Kit said, repressing a smile. Camille giggled, and Ruthie grinned. 

They went outside....

And saw this.

Goodbye! See you later! :D