Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Doll turkey craft!

Hi everyone! I have the turkey craft, and I'm very sorry that this is a little late. :( I tried to make it as short, and time saving as possible. 
You will need:
1. Model magic
2. Craft paints: browns, some yellow, a tiny bit of green, and you might need white or black to get the right color
3. Mod podge and school glue (school glue is optional, but recommended)
4. Craft foam (optional)
5. Wax/parchment paper 
6. A disposable small cup of something, a popsicle stick and paintbrushes
7. The patience to wash paint off your hands multiple times

Step 1. Make the body of your turkey out of model magic. I put mine flat on the table and molded it up. Slightly flatten the bottom, and add the line on top. It should be about the size of a very large egg.

Step 2. Now make the legs and the wings. Make sure that they are the right size, then a little larger, for your doll. 

Step 3. Stick the limbs on the body, crossing the legs. Stick your finger into the middle of the front of the body, it doesn't have to be deep. And I hope that you have read the whole post before you attempt making it. You can decide later whether you have the time to wait a few hours before moving on to step 5.

Step 4. Make the slices of turkey, ones that your doll can have on her plate. 

Step 5. Paint your turkey a thin layer of light brown. It doesn't take long to feel dry to the touch, so keep checking on it. If there is a really warm spot in your house, you can put it there to make the drying even faster.

Step 6. Add some white to your tan, and use it to paint the turkey slices.

Step 7. Take a darker, more roasty brown, and paint it VERY thinly on the turkey with a rough, bigger brush. When that dries, give it some thin layers of mod podge. When It's thinner, it dries in a matter of minutes. 

Step 8. Mix up your stuffing. You can use model magic, craft foam, or I had some cushion foam that I cut up. Make your stuffing to look like yours, so make it any way you want. Mix them up with a bunch of school glue, scoop it into the hole, and make it spilling onto the wax/parchment paper. Then squirt some more school glue on it.

You can clump up the rest for extra servings.

Step 9. When it's mostly dry, mix yellow and a bit of tan to paint the cubes. Then use a bit of green to touch up. I haven't done it yet, but flick some green paint onto the stuffing for herbs.
You're done!
You can add more layers of mod podge if you want, even on thanksgiving morning. It'll be dry by dinner. And Jessica made a cute little thanksgiving dinner out of felt, if you want to check that out.
Every new year, we get to eat cinnamon rolls, and my dad made some now, to sick in the freezer until then. They smelled soooo good! *cries because I can't eat it now*
That was really random. o_O
Well, I hope you get your turkeys done in time. Bye!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Pumpkin pie craft!

Hi everyone! Here's how to make pumpkin pie! This craft made me hungry. *licks lips*
You will need:
1. Aluminum foil cupcake wrappers 
2. Tan felt
3. Orange craft foam
4. White puffy paint, or regular white paint
5. Scraps, stuffing, or cotton balls
6. Hot glue and a pencil or pen

Step 1. Spread out your cupcake wrapper, and hot glue a strip of felt around the rim.

Step 2. Place your pie pan upside down on the craft foam, and trace around it. 

Step 3. Cut it out smaller than what you traced, and fit it into the pie pan. You may have to re-trim a few times. Fill the pan with scraps, stuffing, or cotton balls, and glue the craft foam in.

No you can make the whipped cream. You can use puffy paint, or I used hot glue, then painted that. 
You're finished! Now, I haven't finished the turkey, which unfortunately means that you might have difficulty finishing it before thanksgiving. Soooo sorry! So make sure you have model magic, craft paint in various shades of brown, (or brown, black, and white) and mod podge. Also a stuffing colored paint. Again, I'm sorry that I didn't plan better. :(

Now, anyone interested in finding out how that craft show went?

Here's my table. It was fun to set up! My dad and brother made the beds.

Here's a better look at the stuff.

Hello! Kit here. I was very excited, but by the end of the show.....

This happened. I was soooo bored! 
Yeah, I only sold one set! So I started setting up an etsy shop, which has a page if you didn't notice. ;P (please, pretty please visit it! It would make me so happy!) 
Any way, toodleoo, bye!


(Like it? Fine, fine, I'll go now.)

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Some thanksgiving stuff (like cranberry sauce.)

Hi everyone! It's really close to thanksgiving, and I want to share some link stuff, and how I made cranberry sauce. Rudy from americangirlideas.com made sweet potato casserole, pecan pie, and green beans last year. HERE is the link. My family usually has sweet potato casserole at Christmas, and instead of rolling up paper for the green beans, I stuck two pieces of sticky green craft foam together, then cut it up. Rudy's pecan pie looks so good. <3
I'm going to tell you how to make cranberry sauce, a turkey, and pumpkin pie. I will tell you how to make the cranberry sauce today, and the turkey and pumpkin pie will have separate posts.
For the cranberry sauce, you will need:
1. School glue or mod podge
2. Red food dye
3. Teeny tiny red beads, like the middles of sequins
4. A doll bowl, that you don't mind being filled
5. Wax/parchment paper

(Unfortunately, no pictures.)

Step 1. In a disposable cup, mix the glue and a few drops of food dye until it's the color you want. (mix it with a popsicle stick or something)

Step 2. Pour it into the doll bowl, or in dollops on the wax/parchment paper.

Step 3. Wait about, maybe an hour before you put the beads in. If you do it to early, the beads will sink to the bottom. (True story. I found out the hard way.) Even then, you will probably have to add more beads before it has fully dried.

Step 4. Wait until it dries. This step takes FOREVER. At least a few days to be safe. While we wait, lets watch this AWESOME trailer of the new beauty and the beast movie!

Isn't it so awesome? Does anyone else think that she was holding that stick like a wand? She was Hermione first you know.
in few days, (like, two) your cranberry sauce should be ready. The dollops will be ready first, since they're smaller. Ta da! Delicious. 
Oh, and americangirlideas.com is having a giveaway! She's giving away some tools for cutting foam board, and she has a video on how to make the kitchen! So go check that out HERE
Anyway, gotta go, bye!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

pumpkin carving: nothing really to do with dolls, but it has star wars in it, so that makes it good, right?

(uhgh, long titles.)

Hi everyone! I would like to show you some pictures of the pumpkins that we carved late October. 

 This one's mine. I made a silhouette of a jedi. And a cat, because princess insisted.

 Here's a better look at the cat.

This is Daisy and bubbles' pumpkin. Not sure what they were doing.

 This is Thorin's pumpkin. My other little brother, (what did I decide to call him again?) helped, and they pulled things from calvin and hobbes, and who knows where for ideas. 

Ivy was still working on hers.

Here it is.

Now, to light them.



 uhh, glow?

Last year, I made a mermaid, but her arm fell off. Oops. This one worked much better!
I'll be posting more now, because I have a week off school, so I can get some thanksgiving posts and crafts. Yes, crafts! woohoo! Bis bald! (google it)

Friday, November 11, 2016

craft fair on Saturday!!

Hi everyone! I'm selling some doll items at a craft fair on saturday, and I wanted to share some pictures that I took of Kit with three of the sets. On saturday I will also take pictures, so you can see how that went! 

And the other two sets are in the same scene.

I had so much fun taking those pics. :) see you later!

Monday, November 7, 2016

an new updated house tour

Hey everyone! like requested, here is another updated house tour! Now, this will hopefully be humorous. The house was a mess, and I really didn't want to clean it, and remove the dolls and such, so I made it fun. I hope you like it.

So this is the front entry, aka the door to my room, aka the back of the wardrobe, OR aka a handy place to set down knick knacks. I have many. They also have a little pet fish in the corner. :) (click on the pic to see it better)

And here is the bedro-ahhh! Girls, you told me it was clean!
Well we were mistaken, it's not!
I'm helping mama!
Just a minute and we'l be done mom!
I'm helping too auntie!
Elizabeth, you're such a sweetie. Thanks for helping. Well, hurry up girls and get out of sight, ok? 

So while that is going on, here's the school corner. It's pretty much the same. The basket on top has knitting stuff in it.

They've acquired more books, and the top shelf has movies.

Good, they're done. This is the bedroom corner, Camille still doesn't have a proper bed yet.
Mom? Can we come back in and play now?
No, go have a snack or something. 
I just heard some excited whispers. Maybe that was a bad idea. :[
This is Ruthie's corner. There's still storage behind her bed.

And here is Kit's corner.

And here's the wardrobe. It's mostly for Kit's clothes, but Ruthie put some of her things in there, and I see that they put Camille's stuff in that box. :)

And the Makeup, and Kit's violin.

And here's the kitchen- Girls!

Ok, it appears that Elizabeth has soda and cookies, Ruthie has two sodas, Camille has cookies and milk, and Kit has a chocolate bar. Why??!!!
You said we could have a snack.
They said it was alright. Was it?
Cookie's dipped in soda tastes funny.
*burps* Don't worry, I can easily finish off both!
*sigh* I knew that was a bad idea.

And here's the rest of the kitchen I suppose.

And that's the last of it. To see the other house tour, click HERE
And don't forget about Madison's giveaway! Click HERE to find out more.

P.S. I've been gone because of NaNo. It's going horrible. Chocolate needed. But on a better note, I have something fun coming up, and I can share pics of what it was like! Yay!

P.P.S. I've also been watching lord of the rings. Legolas is amazing. 'nuff said.