Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Who should GOTY 2017 be?

Hi! I got tagged by Loren for the Who should GOTY 2017 be? Thanks Loren!
And small dolls in a big world is having a giveaway! She is giving away a cute mini lea doll! You can enter HERE. 

.  Thank the person who nominated you
.  Answer the the 10-15 questions given you
.  Make 10 questions for the nominees to answer
.  Nominate 2-5 people

What is your GOTY's name?
um.....Amethyst Monique Smith 

How old is she?
12. It was the best age!

What does she look like?
hmm...whatever-face-mold-they-used-on-Grace, gray eyes, freckles, and shoulder length caramel hair.

What are her hobbies?
Romping in the woods with her friends and big sticks, reading, trying and failing drawing, jumping on her trampoline, and playing Mario kart.

Where does she live?
The country in VA.

Does she have any siblings?
Yes, a sister Ruby, 11, and a brother 'octopus' Octavius who is 9 1/2.

Her best friends are Ruby and a girl named Pearl, who is 11. Oh and I guess octopus, who randomly pinches them so they are obliged to chase him all over and get revenge. Amethyst, Ruby and Pearl met in James town when their mothers realized that they knew each other on facebook.

A very friendly golden retriever. 

What school does she go to?
She and her siblings are home schooled.

Outfits in her collection?
Meet outfit: Purple tunic, black knee length leggings, purple flip-flops, and a necklace with a real amethyst on it. Romping in the woods outfit: A purple head band, a purple t-shirt, gray cargo shorts, black rain boots, and a a walking stick that looks like she picked it up off the ground and broke some extra branches off it. (which is what she did) Pajama's: A lavender tank top and light blue shorts with leopard print slippers and a white bathrobe that goes down to her ankles. Winter outfit: A light blue long sleeve shirt, a lavender puffy jacket, jeggings, and pull on black fuzzy boots, like these:
Untitled-plainboot.jpg (400×400)
And there is some more, but I don't want you to get bored. ;)

Her favorite color is purple, (I think you all ready figured that out) she doesn't like wearing shoes, so she is usually barefoot. She adds her slippers and bathrobe to her pajama's in the winter. Her big item would be a trampoline, big enough for 4 dolls to jump comfortably. She also has a garden with some gardening tools. And she LOVES Star Wars, so maybe a set with some star wars knick knacks? Also a set with a few wii remotes with the wheels they go in, and some slides of mario kart wii that will fit in the truly me Tv.(<link) In her books, they would romp in the woods, find a baby deer, have an encounter with a snake, a few other things, and play very imaginative games, so it's like a bunch of fantasy stories in side of a story, if you know what I mean. ;) They will also visit D.C, and maybe get lost? But they will definitely have fun! Her accessories are a braided headband, a bracelet made off little dragons and gold beads, a little copy of Greek myths, and a little book of fairy tales. Why her necklace is in her meet outfit, is because her grandma gave it to her when she was 7, and she liked it, she would wear it on special occasions, but when her grandma died suddenly when she was 10, she put it on and never took it off.

And that's it! Now I nominate....

                                       Anyone who has a doll with dark hair!

The questions:
. What is your GOTY's name?
. How old is she? 
. What does she look like?
. What is her personality?
. What are her hobbies?
. Does she have any siblings?
. Friends?
. Pets?
. What are the outfits in her collection?
. Anything else about her?

 Have fun! Would you buy Amethyst?  


  1. She sounds like an amazing doll!!! AG should really make a homeschooled GOTY!!

  2. My doll has dark hair, so I did this tag on my blog! Thank you for the nomination!


  3. thank you for nominating me!!;) Name: Emerson Jane Westlake. Age: 12 of course:) Looks:Josefina face mold, turqiose eyes, freckles, and curly long brown hair. Personality: Spunky, Rebellious with a good heart. Hobbies: Anything outdoors, Dance, cooking. Siblings: Autumn May Westlake age 9, Violet Rose Westlake age 7, Carson Grover Westlake age 5, and Emma Gene Westlake age 1. Friends: Her bff Ivory Skye and her arch nemisis Kylie Wood. Pets: Australian Shepard, and all sorts of farm animals. Outfits in collection: meet outfit: light blue skinny jeans w/ dark blue plaid button up, and white converse. Farm outfit: skinny Overalls with a purple shirt and combat boots. Ballet/dance outfit: purple tank top with black leotard, pink tights, zebra print bootie shorts and pointe shoes. Cooking outfit:Jean shorts with a light blue tank top and graces apron with purple instead of pink. An extra outfit: Blue tribal romper with white high top converse. PJs: Yellow tank and emoji shorts with fuzzy yellow flip flop slippers!!! Other: Faces struggles at dance with her arch nemisis and finds out what true friendship is while traveling to her grandparents house in Canada with her bff. when disaster strikes she must do the (maybe) impossible. She loves her family and is a one of a kind girl!! I nominate anyone with a doll with blue eyes!! Here are my questions: Favorite Activity, Favorite Animal, Her dream, what her room looks like, where she will travel, what will her favorite accessorie be, what family member is she closest to, where will she live, friends personality be, favorite place in the world. Thanks so much!!! i would definently buy amethyst!! would you buy emerson?

  4. my doll has looooooong dark hair, green eyes,and four younger siblings.
    her hobbies are climbing trees, and a little painting.
    friends........ ummmmm.... Amathyst!:)
    aaaaa i forgot her name! (lizie)

    1. You should make a blog post with your answers. :)

  5. personality: uuuuummmmmm.......
    lets see.....
    sweet gentle with a helping spirit, it takes a lotto make her angry but when she i she is over reactive.

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  7. I have 3 dolls with dark hair does that mean I'm nominated even though it's 2017??