Wednesday, August 29, 2018

My birthday & announcements

Hello, readers!

It is a cool evening after a hot August day, and we are in the mountains for a family mud run! It's Mom's 16th birthday this month, and she wanted to do a mud run to celebrate.


I mean, I can't actually go, but I'll be watching. How? Ninja secret.

As for now, I'll just relax and admire the moon. It's so lovely.

. . .

Hey, how are you guys? I hope you've had a great summer! It won't start actually feeling like fall for about another month, but all the summer activities have ended.

And oh my gosh, that mud run was so fun! My siblings and I kept throwing mud at each other, pulling each other down from muddy slopes we just climbed, and shove into puddles. There were sixteen obstacles, and one of the first ones was a stretch were the water was up to your waist, but you were knee deep in soft clay/mud, Daisy immediately lost a shoe. We spent five/ten minutes kneeling in the water, scrabbling around for it. We found someone else's shoe, but not hers. So she went barefoot. 😜

There were a LOT of steep, muddy slopes to climb. You had to go up on your hands and knees, digging your fingernails into the dirt while your knees tried to find a support in the mud. And some of them had ROCKS in it. my knees are covered in small scabs.

But it felt so fantastic to be completely covered in mud. Or, it was until I fell face first in a mud puddle while laughing. I did not enjoy tasting it. 😑
I could rant about how amazing it was all day, but you would get bored. 😂

We stayed at a campsite instead of a motel for the night, because it was cheaper. We took a walk the evening we got there, which is where I took these pics. Ivy, Thorin and I made up fake identities while we walked, with looks, backstory and personalities, in case we're ever on the run from the law and need disguises

I can't say much about them, since talking about it online would defeat the point of being in disguise. But if a red-head named Cherry ever shows up at your door, help her out, because it just might be me.
*dramatic pause*

And to change the subject, we got another cat!
Meet Caspian, our new kitten. Like most kittens, he has given us all a large number of scratches from playing with him, and drives Milo insane. (poor Milo has been spending a lot of time outside, he finds Caspian annoying with all his energy) and unlike most kittens, Caspian eats your hair, and vegetables. VEGETABLES. His favorite place to play is in a bag of potatoes, his favorite place to sleep was on top of a pile of tomatoes, (until mom cooked them) and we've caught him eating cucumbers, and peppers.

 He's never seen me do a photoshoot before. 

Aaaaand now he makes a hasty retreat from the scene of the crime.

I'll be posting the photos from the shoot on Instagram, as I will be doing that more than blogging now. I will still post on here, (I have some ninja diy's in the works that I can't wait to show you!) and I'll probably do 'this month on Instagram' posts so that those of you without accounts can still see my photos, because we don't want anyone left out, do we?
You can visit (and follow!) HERE,
or search for @hiddenhollowagdolls

I'm excited, and hopefully since Instagram posts are quicker to do, I'll post more! 😃

I love ya'll, have an amazing day!