Saturday, November 2, 2019

This Month on Instagram #13- October

Hey ya'll!
Fall weather has finally come to stay, and shall now commence to stay until January lol.
This shoot features Blaire, but dressed as Felicity. :D

 Boy, were her curls a pain to fix.

 I'm a sucker for profiles :)


I am so in love with this dress pattern 😍

I hope ya'll had a great October! mine was ok, school has felt drowning at times, and I barely get to write any more except for ESSAYS, BANE OF MY SOUL.😤
But I've managed to finish my kotlc re-read, aND OHMYGOSH LEGACY WILL BE HERE IN A FEW DAYSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!

I also got my drivers permit, so thats cool I guess.


Happy fall, ya'll :D