Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Ruthie's birthday- a photostory

Hello! This took forever. Ivy's birthday was at the beginning of the month, and it took all this time to actually take the pictures, load them on here, and now write the post. :P And next month is Elizabeth's birthday. I also have a bunch of post waiting to be written, and a diy planned, so look out for those. :) 
I just realized that I haven't posted since the 9th. *sobs*
Anyway, so sorry. And nothing really important happens in this story, it's just fun. Here we go!
No, wait. First admire Ivy's wonderful cake. (Which was delicious.) 

 Lord of the rings!

 Gimli leaving the mountains.

 Arwen and whats-his-name waiting in the wood.

And Frodo with the ring. :)
Fun fact:
Whats-his-name has an evil smile on the other side of his head, so we mostly make scenes where he's evil and taking off with the ring. XD

Now here we go!


It was Ruthie's birthday, and Kit, Elizabeth, and Camille were listening to 'funky town' while adding finishing touches.
  All Ruthie had requested was 'Awesome music, in pj's. And let me sleep in!' And they took care of the rest. 
(Here's funky town)

Camille was on the table, straitening chains.

Elizabeth was also straitening chains, while bumping into the table.

Kit was holding the phone, and was distributing napkins.

"Hey Camille." Kit called, tapping her feet to the music. "Go see how Lea's doing, and see if Ruthie's awake yet. I think we're ready." "Ok!" she replied.

 She hurried out.

Ruthie spotted her. "Camille! Thank goodness! I wake up, hearing a bunch of music, and she sitting on her bed staring at me! Then I start to get up, and she sat on me! And this dog won't-stop-licking-my-face! blahhk!"  Camille giggled. "Kit told me not to let her up until they were ready." Lea said, with an innocent expression on her face.

They walked into the living room. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Elizabeth dropped into a split. Her dog barked, and jumped out from behind the table. 'That's what Bilbo Baggins hates' began to play.

"FOOD!" Ruthie cried, and rushed over to the table. 

"Just kidding, you guys are great! Gimme a hug."

WOOF! "No, you guys don't count."

Lea sat down with her hot chocolate, and Elizabeth went off with hers, trying not to slosh it all over the place. (..splash the wine on every door...) Kit added a little more to Ruthie's cup.

"Here you go, the birthday girl gets extra hot- Camille! That's enough marsh mellows!"
They drank hot chocolate, and ate chicken nuggets, and mint hershey kisses, and cake. Then they talked and danced around some more, and settled down for presents.
 "Ok! What do we have here?" 

Ruthie unwrapped a headband. "That one's from meeeeeee!" Camille sang. "It's pretty! Thank you." Ruthie said. 

Then she squealed. "And tickets to the ballet I wanted to see!" "Those are from mom." Lea said. "Why did she put them in my box?" Camille demanded. Everyone giggled.  

"Oooh! This is so stylish!" Ruthie exclaimed. Kit looked skeptical. Lea grinned. "It's from me!" She said. "Thank you Lea!"

Then she opened a large, flat package. Everyone ooooohd, and Kit snapped a picture.

"But Ruthie," Camille asked. "Why'd you get a Ballet outfit for?" "Well," Ruthie said. "I heard my mom and your mom talking about putting everyone in ballet, at least for a little while, and I asked for a blue outfit, and they said 'we'll see.' and this is it!" 
 "And that explains my present!" Kit said. Elizabeth had been grinning, but it faded quickly. "You mean, you didn't tell me?" She said. She made a pouty face until everyone was laughing.
Ruthie opened the last present, From Kit and Elizabeth. "Ooh! So Kit got me the shoes..." "And I got you the tights!" Elizabeth said. "I got lucky on the color, didn't I?" "You sure did!"
 (I lost the last pic, sorry)
"Thanks guys, these are AWESOME gifts. Now come on! Let's listen to 'funky town' again!" 

I figured out how to add emojis. 😆 (Hey Tory, Hazel, I'll teach you how!) Anyways, I have collected an awful lot of online star wars stuff to show you guys, so expect that soon! And Elizabeth's birthday post sometime in February...*gulps* (Yes, I talked about that in the beginning of the post. I forgot I wrote that, all right?) I'll stop talking now. 😛 (And I hopefully won't disappear for two weeks..) Bye!

(It's actually 60 degrees, but, you know, dreams.)

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