Sunday, December 11, 2016

My doll's christmas party- with never before seen dolls!

Hey everyone! Here's a bit of my story
“What’s the matter Allie?”
“Zerya, she’s not dead.”

hahahaHA! No more! >:D
Any way, This post has Kirsten and Samantha in it, and I don't think you've seen them before. It also has Josefina, but you've seen her.

Kit: Purple
Ruthie: Aqua
Elizabeth: Pink
Camille: Blue
Josefina: Orange
Kirsten: Red
Samantha: Green 

Hi Samantha! Do you want some cocoa and saint Lucia cookies?
Sure! They look really yummy!

Watcha doing Camille?
Nothing. What's your favorite part of christmas?
I think I like the sugar cookies and hot chocolate best.
Yeah! Me too!

Why is my finger in the picture? Why??!!!

Hey guys! Look! I fixed the falling part, it just needed some candy taken off! (*burps*)

(hums) Oh, christmas tree, oh christmas tree, how lovely are your branches...

I like this one. :)
Can you see me reflected in the shiny one? (click picture to enlarge)

Family pic!
Now for their Christmas pictures.








And here is the picture I sent to Jessica for her holiday photo contest, I made it on canva.

I'm working on fixing up Kirsten and Samantha for their christmas present, and I wish I'd made THIS before this post, but I'm making it now. And after this post, I'm going to bake these.
Yuuuuuum! *drools* ok, bye!


  1. Hi sorry i havent commented in FOREVER!!! December is just super busy! ;) Anyways..... I SAW ROUGE ONE LAST NIGHT IT WAS AMAZING!!!! Although not as good as the force awakens in my oppinion!!!
    Love AG

    1. YOU GOT TO WATCH IT?? AWESOME!!! I so wanna! ;D
      nice to have you back! :)

  2. Oh my goodness, your dolls are SO cute! I love how they decorated! So adorable!


  3. Yes i went to the premier last night!!!! It was AWESOME!!!!! I like the main girl character shes really cool almost like rey!!

  4. I need a stocking made for Julie and MaryEllen.

    1. ok. did I do a tutorial? I don't remember. let me look.
      yep, I did! here it is:
      or another one I like can be found here:
      I hope that helps! :)