Tuesday, March 5, 2019

This month on Instagram #5 -February

So yeah, I took a break during January, but I returned for February. And almost all of these pictures have a different filter, since the original lighting was AWFUL. 

 The new doll is Sophie. Princess got her for Christmas, she's a re-named glitter girl.✨

Pretty girl💗 

They turned out quite lovely, in my opinion. If you check out my account, (@hiddenhollowagdolls) and notice one of Kit and Camille that has been filtered black and white, I had just read Salt to the Sea. Guys, I cried. Actual crying, continues tears streaming down my face and my throat was all choked up so I couldn't rant about the ending properly to my rather amused mother. I mean, it was about a tragedy, but still. BOTH OF MY FAVORITES DIED. BOTH. OF. THEM. I mean, I stilled liked the other people and I'm glad they survived but STILL. (also all the people dying in the back round made my heart go💔)
Its a good book. Read it. 

Also, Madi has gotten an Instagram! You can check it out HERE.
(and be sure to pray for her, her health has been rather bad lately☹️)

Well, see you soon! 

P.s. I am soooo ready for spring!!!