Sunday, July 24, 2016

A really really short photoshoot of Josefina

Um...yeah. It literally contains six photos. So I won't bore you, I will put the pics among the rambling.
This is Josefina. My mama's second doll. My mama bought her when she was a teenager, and she didn't really get played with, just loved, so she is actually in good condition.   

She looks a lot like my mama. 

Isn't she adorable?

So photogenic.

And her hair! (oops, didn't mean to get my finger in that one.) I saw it HERE and decided that it was to cute, I had to try it on a doll, and Josefina was the only one whose hair was fit for my needs. :) It's not the best, and that is like, my third try. 

ooooooo to cute! I could have taken pics all morning but the i-pod died, that's why its so short.