Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Doll turkey craft!

Hi everyone! I have the turkey craft, and I'm very sorry that this is a little late. :( I tried to make it as short, and time saving as possible. 
You will need:
1. Model magic
2. Craft paints: browns, some yellow, a tiny bit of green, and you might need white or black to get the right color
3. Mod podge and school glue (school glue is optional, but recommended)
4. Craft foam (optional)
5. Wax/parchment paper 
6. A disposable small cup of something, a popsicle stick and paintbrushes
7. The patience to wash paint off your hands multiple times

Step 1. Make the body of your turkey out of model magic. I put mine flat on the table and molded it up. Slightly flatten the bottom, and add the line on top. It should be about the size of a very large egg.

Step 2. Now make the legs and the wings. Make sure that they are the right size, then a little larger, for your doll. 

Step 3. Stick the limbs on the body, crossing the legs. Stick your finger into the middle of the front of the body, it doesn't have to be deep. And I hope that you have read the whole post before you attempt making it. You can decide later whether you have the time to wait a few hours before moving on to step 5.

Step 4. Make the slices of turkey, ones that your doll can have on her plate. 

Step 5. Paint your turkey a thin layer of light brown. It doesn't take long to feel dry to the touch, so keep checking on it. If there is a really warm spot in your house, you can put it there to make the drying even faster.

Step 6. Add some white to your tan, and use it to paint the turkey slices.

Step 7. Take a darker, more roasty brown, and paint it VERY thinly on the turkey with a rough, bigger brush. When that dries, give it some thin layers of mod podge. When It's thinner, it dries in a matter of minutes. 

Step 8. Mix up your stuffing. You can use model magic, craft foam, or I had some cushion foam that I cut up. Make your stuffing to look like yours, so make it any way you want. Mix them up with a bunch of school glue, scoop it into the hole, and make it spilling onto the wax/parchment paper. Then squirt some more school glue on it.

You can clump up the rest for extra servings.

Step 9. When it's mostly dry, mix yellow and a bit of tan to paint the cubes. Then use a bit of green to touch up. I haven't done it yet, but flick some green paint onto the stuffing for herbs.
You're done!
You can add more layers of mod podge if you want, even on thanksgiving morning. It'll be dry by dinner. And Jessica made a cute little thanksgiving dinner out of felt, if you want to check that out.
Every new year, we get to eat cinnamon rolls, and my dad made some now, to sick in the freezer until then. They smelled soooo good! *cries because I can't eat it now*
That was really random. o_O
Well, I hope you get your turkeys done in time. Bye!


  1. THESE ARE AMAZING OMG!! I love the detail you've put into it!! (And now I want to eat a cinnamon roll....yuuum.)

    1. awww, thanks! :)
      (I KNOW. I'M GOING TO DIE..:(..)
      Most crazily, ~Olive