Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Highlights - August

Hi! Today is the last day of August, so I will be sharing some highlights with you. :)

The fourth TBFN challenge, I'm looking forward for the next!

I was on a S T A R   W A R S kick for most of the month, hee hee.

And my birthday. :)

And of course, Melody's release.

That just basically covered everything I posted this month. jeez. ;P

And so, my top favorite posts. :)

The guiding compass, part 20.
eeeeeeee! This was just so good! :D

Grace's Think to ink writing camp announcement.
I can't wait!

aaaaaauuuuuggggghhhhhh! Those eyes! I'm going to die of cuteness, LOL!

Bonjour Madamoiselle . Nourris Moi.

Bwwwwaaaaahahaha! This was hilarious! XD

The way she starts is so funny. :D

Yay! Finally!

And there were lots more, but I thought I should stop before I got carried away. :)

....and I'm just going to leave randomly, don't mind me... :P

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

BeForever and Wellie wisher release - my thoughts

Hi! I meant to post yesterday, but I went with mom to costco to get my glasses adjusted, and do a few other things, so I didn't. ;) Oh, and Grace is having a writing competition! And you don''t need a blog to participate! So go check that out HERE. 
DRK40_Magic_Theater_Play_Tent_1 (400×400)
Magic theater play tent for girls - $150
yeesh, this is cheaper that the one for dolls :p but this is a tent, and not an actual play house. It's pretty cute, but a lot for just a tent. 
latest (2000×2000)

Love & caring carriage - $48
*looks puzzled* So who pulls the carriage? Also to expensive. :P $$$$$$

DRM99_Winter_Wishes_Outfit_1 (400×400)
 Winter wishes outfit - $28
Try to say this fast: 'the wellie wishers winter wishes' fun, right? I think a lot or people will like this outfit. :)
latest (2000×2000)

Winter friends skating outfit - $28
I think this is really cute. :)
latest (2000×2000)
Winter woods stage accessories - $20
Cute, I like that you can put it in the theater. :) Too expensive though. :/ 

175410_0a36cbfeff9b492499d76fb9bcb5ea0f~mv2.jpg (626×626)
The wellie wishers also got some books for $6 each. They look really cute. :)

Now for the rest of the BeForevers!

DRK67_Josefinas_Navidad_Outfit_1 (170×170)
Josefina's navidad outfit - $34
This made me mad. Look at it, now look at this:
latest (1000×1000)
It's the same. Thing. Just a different color. Seriously AG? 
Any way, next!

DRK66_Josefinas_Festival_Outfit_1 (170×170)

Josefina's festival outfit - $32
Ehh. It's alright, but I don't think that in her time, they would be able to get pink shoes.
latest (2000×2000) 
Julie's new years eve outfit - $32

DRK93_Maryellens_Refrigerator_Food_Set_1 (400×400)
Maryellen's refrigerator and food set - $150
Pretty cool. You can see a review HERE.
DRK91_Maryellens_Party_Punch_Set_1 (400×400)
Maryellen's party punch set - $44
mmmm. I just don't care for this.
DRK92_Maryellens_Holiday_Cookie_Set_1 (400×400)
Maryellen's holiday cookie set - $38
I. Love. This. Cookie cutters? eeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! And the cookies fit in the cutters! Too cute!

latest (2000×2000)

Maryellen's Christmas party outfit - $36
awww, it looks so cute on her. :)
Maryellen's strawberry outfit - $28
I like the shoes, but I'm not sure what to think of the dress.
latest (2000×2000)

Rebecca's menorah & dreidel set - $36
Tooooooooo expensive. And only three coins? It takes a lot more coins then that buster....and a bag to hold them in.

Well, that's the end of the new releases! Now I can get back to normal. :) 
I've been sewing up a storm lately, stuff for something coming up, a craft show, and Christmas presents are on the list. :) I am also dreading back to school....because breakfast means stop crafting for two or three hours. :( 
And now a chicken story.......this morning I was sewing, I looked up and saw a huge dog in the back yard. 'Oh great.' I thought. And then I realized that the back door to the chicken coop was open. 'OH NO!' And right on cue, the strange dog came racing around the corner, chasing two chickens. I yelped and jumped up, Ivy came out of the living room, saw what the dog was doing, and raced to tell mom. (Dad was at work) I went onto the deck and started yelling at the dog and his companion, (a bull dog) to go home. They stopped chasing the chickens and stared at me, then mom and Ivy came out and they left. Mom shut the back of the coop, and Ivy and me started looking for the chickens. Ivy found one, she was huddled up in a bush, with half the feathers from her back missing. Ivy and me petted and talked to her, while mom checked her for injuries. She was unhurt, just scared, and let Ivy put her back in the coop. We counted the rest of the chickens, and there was now only one missing. We looked forever, but couldn't find her. We gave up and Bubbles found her a few hours later in the garage, safe and sound. ;p
That was a random story. And it was 8:00 a.m., if anyone wanted to know. ;) 

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Truly me release - my thoughts

Hi Girls! I forgot again. :P Any way, here we go!
DRG50_Gourmet_Kitchen_Set_1 (400×400)
Gourmet kitchen set - $225.00
CAN I DIE NOW?? THIS IS JUST SO AWESOME!!!!! This is worth the price, I so want it! :O

Truly me #65 - $115.00
Ehh. She's alright.


Truly me #66 - $115.00
She's basically a modern Josefina.
DNJ93_Table_and_Chairs_1 (170×170)

Dinning table & chairs - $85.00
It's cute, but they could have made it cheaper. I like that it comes with forks. :)
DRG55_Salon_Chair_Wrap_Set_1 (170×170)
Salon chair and wrap set - $60.00
Too expensive for a plastic looking chair and a few other things. 
DRG57_Truly_Blue_Hairstyling_Caddy_1 (400×400)

Truly blue hairstyling caddy - $50.00
This looks just like the old one, except it doesn't have nail polish and it has a hair dryer and curling iron. And a bit expensive. 
DRG44_Sparkle_and_Spin_Skating_Outfit_1 (400×400)

Sparkle and spin skating outfit - $38.00
Like so many other pieces, cute, but to expensive.

DRG45_Enchanting_Winter_Outfit_Dolls_1 (170×170)
Enchanting winter outfit - $36.00
awww, so cute and fuzzy! (small pics, grrrrr)

DRG46_Merry_Magenta_Outfit_Dolls_1 (400×400)
Merry magenta outfit - $36.00
Pink lace. I like it! Not a fan of the big jewels on the purse and shoes though.

DRG47_Gold_Sparkle_Outfit_Dolls_1 (170×170)
Golden sparkle outfit - $36.00
I LOVE IT!!!!! 
887961490350.jpg (222×222)
Christmas eve set - $32.00
Ok, can I buy the little hardcover book and not the rest of the set? Because I am in love with little doll books.
DRG51_Waffle_Breakfast_Set_1 (400×400) 
Waffle breakfast set - $24
awww, so cute! And actually affordable! ;)
DRG52_Lasagne_Dinner_Set_1 (400×400)Lasagna dinner set - $24.00
I LOVE lasagna, but this lasagna doesn't look very appetizing. I love the olive oil though! 

DRG53_Blender_Milkshake_Set_1 (400×400)Blender and milkshake set - $24.00
aaaauuuuggghhhhh!!!!!! TO ADORABLE!!! I WANT IT!!! SO BAD!!! XD
DRG54_WilliamsSonoma_Cupcake_Set_1 (400×400)
Williams-Sonoma cupcake set for dolls. $24.00
aww, it's cute. :)

DRG48_Holiday_Penguin_PJs_Dolls_1 (170×170)

Holiday penguin pj's - $24.00 
Cute, but the colors seem weirdly mixed. o_0
DRG56_Hair_Salon_Scene_1 (170×170)
Hair salon scene - $15.00
How cool is this?! Ok, you girls need to go to the american girl website and see this bigger, it's SO COOL.

Now, I'm pretty sure I didn't get it all, so go see that if you want to. :) I will be doing the wellie wishers and beforever tomorrow.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Melody's release - my thoughts

Hi girls! Today I will be giving you my thoughts on Melody's release, tomorrow truly me, and the the rest of the BeForevers. :)

First off, The doll herself!
02BUN37_Melody_Doll_Book_and_Accessories_DKM86_DKH82_1 (400×400)
Melody! (And accessories. ;) ) Isn't she so cute? Her hair! And the sunglasses are too adorable. :)

DKH92_Melodys_Recording_Studio_1 (400×400)

Melody's recording studio - $250.00
It's so detailed! But very pricey. :P
DKH85_Melodys_Bed_Bedding_1 (400×400) 
Melody's bed - $95.00 
Strange colors. o_O
DKH86_Melodys_Bedroom_Accessories_1 (400×400)
 Melody's bedroom accessories - $45.00
awww, wook at da widdle ewafent! oooh, and a book! I like it, but it's too expensive. :/

DKH83_Melodys_Pajamas_Dolls_1 (400×400)
Melody's pajamas - $24.00
So cute! I love them! :O :O :O :O 
DKH89_Melodys_Table_Chairs_1 (400×400)

Melody's table and chairs - $85.00
mmm. They're alright, but I'll only like the price in they are metal. ;)
DKH88_Melodys_Block_Party_Set_1 (400×400)

Melody's block party set - $68.00 
So cute! Hot dogs! Pie! I think I should craft those pies, to make them look like they're in jar lids. :) but again, too expensive.
melody11.png (475×475)

Melody's play outfit - $28.00
This is cute, I really like the shoes! The tassels are weird, but I think that was the style. ;)
DKH84_Melodys_Dog_Bo_1 (400×400) 
 Melody's dog, Bo - $22.00 
Isn't he so scruffy and adorable?
 DRK94_Melodys_Travel_Essentials_1 (400×400)
Melody's travel essentials - $48.00
It's cute, I like the roses. :)
175410_1e8a6878c3b946298a8837d74aa0dc83~mv2.jpg (400×400)

Melody's electric piano - $48.00
Cool, but expensive.
DKH91_Melodys_Microphone_Set_1 (400×400)

Melody's microphone set - $38.00
mmm. Nothing special. 
DKH90_Melodys_Fancy_Floral_Dress_Dolls_1 (400×400)
Melody's fancy floral dress - $34.00
So pretty! I like it. :)
DKH95_Melodys_Hairstyling_Set_1 (400×400)

Melody's hairstyling set - $22.00
Adorable! I like the clips. :) It's a bit expensive though.

DRK71_Melodys_Christmas_Outfit_1 (170×170) 
Melody's Christmas outfit - $34.00
Sorry it's so small. :( Pretty! Pretty!

DRK72_Melodys_Fancy_Coat_1 (400×400) 
Melody's fancy coat - $34.00
So beautiful! :0 *drools*
DKH93_Melody_Mini_Doll_1.jpg (2000×2000)
Melody mini doll - $24.99
awww, so teeny weeny and cute!

And that's it! Now go see Tory, She posted something. :)