Sunday, August 14, 2016

Rey's desert goggles

Today we will make Rey's goggles!

(Credit to whoever owns this pic)

You will need:
1. Tan/beige felt 
2. Brown thread/embroidery floss and a needle
3. Plastic packaging 
4. Mod podge or glue
5. Black paint
6. Elastic
7. Hot glue, scissors, and a pen

Step 1. Cut out the shape you need for the goggles, my eye holes don't really look right, but whatever. Since you have to be careful, this might take a while. When it satisfies you, trace it, and cut out another one like it. If you want it to look even more like Rey's, make the second piece larger, and out of darker felt.   

Step 2. Take the piece you want on top, and sew some little brown stitches around the eye holes.

 Step 3. Sorry about the light in this picture, but cut out two lenses out of the plastic packaging, they should be larger than the eye holes on the felt.

Step 4. Mix a drop of black paint with about a tablespoon of mod podge, and paint one side of the lenses.  

Step 5. Hot glue the lenses to the back of the front felt piece, so the painted side should be facing out.

Step 6. Cut a piece of elastic about 8" long, you should probably check, and sandwich  the ends between the two pieces of felt, and sew with the brown thread/embroidery floss. (You can add extra stitches or hot glue to help make the elastic more secure)  

Now put it on before you put on the head cloths, and you're done!
I wish I had a better place to take pictures of them, but there's no where sandy around here. :(

 Daisy got baptized today! Yah hoo! 

Tory explained why she hasn't been blogging lately.

Hazel posted the second part to her playmobile photo story, shared some canva designs, and her AG wishlist.  

And OH MY GOSH  have you seen part 20 of the guiding compass???!!! Its amazing! When will Wednesday come????!!!!!!!!

Any way, I gotta go the cold stone. Bye!

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