About me

Hi! I have many names, but online I'm known as Olive. I'm a crazy young teen with a passion for Christ, and I love to fangirl, read, write, and blog about my dolls! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂
And yes, that is me as a lego ninja. 😁

A few things about moi:

1. I am totally weird. No, really! I'm so weird I take weird as a compliment. hee hee

2. Currently, I'm learning how to speak French, German, and Italian. 

3. When I grow up, I want to build an old fashioned pirate boat and sail around, dressed up and giving shows.

4. I also want to be a doula. Then get married and have a bunch of kids! And I'm going to homeschool them, I homeschool, and it's great!

5. I really love (besides dolls) Star Wars, the Avengers, Ninjago, Percy Jackson, The hunger games, the Hobbit, Lord of the rings, Keeper of the lost cities, Fablehaven, and the third Harry Potter book. (It's the best!) (#2 and mayyyyybe #7 are also favorites of mine) 😉

6. I'm a Jedi. (not really)

7. I'm also a demigod. (not really) 

8. I'm also an elf. (not really)

9. I really want a pet dragon. But if not, I guess an elephant will do.

10. I have six younger siblings. Here they are, oldest first:

Ivy, owns Ruthie and Lea
Thorin Okenshield, or Thorin is my brother. He's very annoying.
Daisy, owns Elizabeth
Wacko, my other brother. Basically a very hyper monkey.
Bubbles, owns Sweety
Princess, owns Lucy

(To see more about my fandoms, click HERE and HERE.)


  1. I am also a HUGE Star Wars fan!

  2. So your a demigod, Jedi, Elf? cool, I'm kinda a mix of a hogwatrts student, demiogod, elf, pirate....and lot's of other things.

    Pleased to meet you, you have a nice blog

  3. I love your new background and color scheme! It's SO beautiful!


  4. I'm a child of Apollo who is in Ravenclaw and is also an Elvish Dragoncologist living in Wonderland. It's nice to meet you!

    1. Cool! I'm a daughter of Athena and an elf, Gryffindor or Ravenclaw, the sorting hat won't make up it's mind. :P ;)

  5. Nice to meet you, Olive! I'm an Artemis Fowl Fanatic. I think I might be part pixie...

  6. Yay, someone else who takes weird as a compliment! PERCY JACKSON! HUNGER GAMES! STAR WARS! Ahem. In case you can't tell I'm kind of (read:totally) a fangirl as well.

  7. Fangirls rule the world, XD.

  8. This is late, but I’m an honorary Avenger, Ravenclaw student, doll person, and proud nerd.And yes, Fangirls Forever!