Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The last stop: The aquarium

Hello, so this is the last stop, then I will finish the going to america series. (That is, as soon as I take the pics, heh heh. :P We may have a this or that before then.)
Aaaaany way. when we where driving to the aquarium, Elizabeth and a motor bike were on top of the wardrobe that we got from a friend. we took a sharp turn, the wardrobe tipped, and this happened:  
 It looks like she is jumping on to it!
Mama, is it my turn now?
Yes, it is. Go ahead.
Yay! Ok, so when you first go in, you see out the door, because your mom is carrying you on her back in a bag. but when she takes you out, or turns around, you see a whale and her baby hanging from the ceiling. 

 Then you take forever and almost get left behind because you are trying to take a picture of a little pink fish. But it is so cute!

I don't know if you can tell, but these are weedy sea dragons. 
 And these are leafy sea dragons. (That reminds me, I want to play dragons. When can you come over Hazel?!)
Mama, it's my turn!

Then mama took my picture with the big fish.

And there was an ugly eel in a cave. eeeewwww!

And big pink starfish!

And anemones, mama touched one in a touch pool, and she said it was so soft she could barely tell that she touched it!
 This one turned out really blue.


A big fat eel.                                                                                                                                            

Little orange fishy.

Can you spot the rock fish?

Sand dollar colony!

This starfish was up against the glass.

I love moon jellies! (If they are in a tank)
 Long stringy ones!

This one looks like a fancy hat!


Penguins! Some of them were nesting.

I don't remember what kind of bird this was.

A big starfish!

Kit, just a moment. I need to say something. My mom saw this octopus when it was a baby, and that is just part of him now! Cool! Mom said he moved a lot more when he was a baby.  

Fast fishies!

Here are some bad pics of the otters, they were moving to fast!

Weird lighting.

More big starfish.

Big crabs! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!

 I love coral. 

This is my favorite.

Nemo and Dory fish!

Colorful fish.

And I got this cute little baby penguin for a souvenir.
And then we had a awful three days of 12 hour driving back home.
p.s. I have had 1033 pageviews! Thank you!


  1. This is Hazel, loooov that! I think we can come over in JULY!
    I know sooooo long! Maby we can skyp some time