Friday, April 1, 2016

baby chicks

My first craft! Any way, it is around the time when you buy chicks to raise, and since my family has chickens, why leave the dolls out?
You will need:
1. A pom-pom that fits in your doll's hand
2. A slightly smaller one for the head
3. Scrap felt: an orange or yellow, I have a redish orange
4. puffy paint, black or white
5. Hot glue

Step 1. Take the v shaped piece and glue it to the big pom-pom, like this:

Step 2. Stand it up, glue on the head and beak, and use the puffy paint for eyes.

And you are done!
Now, these will "grow up" to be white.
This one will "grow up" about the same color.

So will this one.

This one will be black with white flecks.

And I'm not sure what this one will look like, because all the ones that we got that looked like this, got eaten by a racoon before they grew up. :(
Any way, come back soon for a coop!