Friday, August 12, 2016

Rey inspired desert clothes

Isn't 'desert' such a confusing word? One 's', and you have this:
 (Credit to whoever owns this pic)

Add another 's', and you have this:
 (Definitely credit to whoever owns this pic)
 I like the second kind better, don't you?
But any way, hi! Remember this?
 We dressed our dolls up in dessert desert gear and made them join Rey on Jakku. (This just occurred to me. Why does Jakku look like its the hotter, more unlivable planet, while it's Tatooine that has two suns?) 
Well today, I will be telling you how to make all that! (With plenty of variations, of course.)

(If you want to hem the clothes, cut them out a little larger than I say.)
You will need:
1. White, tan, or beige cloth
2. Scissors and a ruler
3. Doll boots, (your own, or make some HERE) loose, baggy doll pants/shorts, and a doll t-shirt or tank top

Elizabeth is here to model. Elizabeth, stop waving. Your not THAT kind of model.

That's better. Any way, Step 1. Put your doll in the t-shirt/tank-top and pants/shorts.
And do her hair simply to keep it off her.

Step 2. Cut a rectangle of fabric that is 7 1/2" by 15". Fold it in half, and along the fold, in the middle, cut out a rectangle that is 1" by 3". This is the tunic. You can also make the back, or the front, or both longer to protect the legs more.

Step 3. Pull it over the dolls head, and add a belt. It can be an actual doll belt, braided yarn, a strip of the fabric, a strip of a different color fabric, anything really. I used braided yarn.

Step 4. Cut out two rectangles, 4 1/2" by 3 1/4". Now cut out two or four strips, that should be longer than mine. :p

Step 5. Wrap it around your dolls arm, and tie it with one or two strips. I pulled it up a little so she has some gripping on her palm. Or you can just wrap a REALLY long strip around her arm like Rey. 

You can leave it like that, or sew the fabric in between the thumb and fingers to make a sort of half-glove.

And now repeat for the other arm.

Step 6. For the head cloth, cut out a rectangle that is 8" by 12"

Step 7. For the mouth piece, draw a strip on the fabric that is 3/4" by 16", and hanging off the middle should be a rectangle 2" by 4". Cut it out as one piece. 

Now put on the head piece, and tie the mouth piece over it. Or you can cut the strings on the mouth piece shorter, and sew on an inch of elastic. Or you can skip steps 6&7, and wrap a large scarf like thing on her face and head.
 Now put on the boots, and your done!

Now all your doll needs is something to keep the sand out of her eyes. I meant to have it in this craft, but I didn't have any plastic packaging. Now I do, but I haven't finished it yet, so that is coming next! 

And before you go, Hazel posted the first part for a new playmobil photo story series! And Jaclynn posted the second to last part of Masquerade, it's so cute! And that's it,   

 (Like my sign off? I made it on Canva. :) )


  1. That is so cool! I have to make one for Maggie! She would LOVE it! And I LOVE your sign off!