Saturday, March 18, 2017

The writers prompt challenge- TWPC 2


Hello everybody! 

First of all, I must say that these prompts were SO COOL. I mean, that red glow on top of the tower, does that remind anyone else of lord of the rings? 😄

The picture and character prompts will be placed were I use them.
So will the word prompt, but I replaced 'you were' with 'I was'
Cloak will be highlighted green.
Amulet/pendent will be highlighted blue.
Storm will be highlighted yellow.
My story is 550 words long.

And thank you! This was a fun one! 😃


I sat down on the window sill and peered out at the wet, rainy street below and sighed. 

"Estelle!" my mother shrieked, yanking me from my thoughts. "Get away from that window at once!" I sighed again and walked into the other room, sitting down in a soft chair. My mother was in a nervous cleaning frenzy. Nervous because of me. You see, at birth, everyone has the date they will die tattooed on their arm. I was supposed to die yesterday.

Prompt -- at birth, everyone has the date they will die tattooed on their arm. you were supposed to die yesterday:

Yesterday, someone was supposed to come. Come to take me to the tower. The day before, family and friends had come to say goodbye, and I had spent all yesterday waiting with my parents. But no one had come. That was why my mother was nervous. This had never happened before, at least not to our knowledge, so she had not let me go out that day, nor let anyone see me. That I was still here. I told my mother that I was going to read in my room, and went upstairs. But I wanted to go outside, and get some fresh air. So I listened until I heard my mother near the front of the house, then pulled on my cloak, yanked the hood over my head, and slipped out the back door. I wandered off, staying in the little back lanes. Luckily the rain kept almost everyone inside. I walked along the riverbank, drawing closer to the towers. They looked dark, and scary. Then the sun broke through, and it didn't look that bad, they just needed a little repair. 

I kept walking, and when I reached the base I looked up, up, up. It was very tall. I started walking around the tower, counting my steps, just because. I got to twenty when it started to rain again. No, not rain. Storm. The rain came down in torrents, blown this way and that. In the distance, lightning flashed. I pressed myself into an alcove, and realized that there was a door behind it. Not wanting to get soaked, I went in. I found myself in a corridor, so I followed it. It seemed to be going slightly up, yet I never came across any stairs. It also curved a lot, and there weren't any other doors coming in or out. I finally found another door, so I opened it. The room beyond was very large, and bright. I squinted, and realized that I was looking into some kind of throne room. Sitting on the throne, was a tall woman in a long white dress. She had long blonde hair, and a gold crown, with a diamond pendent hanging in the middle. "Do come in." She said. It sounded musical and sweet. I slipped in slowly, a little wary of this strange woman. "Estelle, isn't it?" She asked. I nodded. "Ah. Then I take it that your death date was yesterday?" I nodded again. "Good." She looked at me intently for a minute, while I fidgeted nervously. "Estelle." She said after a moment. "I've been watching you, and I think you show potential. I delayed the collector because I wanted to see what you'd do. And now I have a question for you." She paused. "How would like to go be taught by the elves?"     


Yep, I ended it there. 😄

And also, Hazel's kitty died. 8 months old. Ate something bad.😢 Please pray for them. 

On a slightly happier note, I'm getting somewhere on the dre- I mean, the super secret give away item. 😛 

And we watched the two towers yesterday! It was AWESOME. 😍

Have fun, be crazy, God loves you.🙂


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