Friday, February 14, 2020

Lloyd's return- a Lego Photostory

Hey ya'll!

So, it was a few days before Christmas, I had Elena and my first and favorite Lloyd minifigs in my jeans pocket. I was at a friends house, outside, at night, helping direct a Christmas play. The play went well, but backstage was a MESS. I was a mess, everything was a mess, it was so so hectic, I was very glad when it was over, and we could go inside and have cookies and hot cider. I was late, I was finally relaxed, having finished my cookies, about ready to go home, my hand strays to my pocket. Only one mini figure is inside. PANIC.
A quick check confirms that Elena is still here, but Lloyd is gone. I give a hurried explanation to my friend and rush outside, pulling on my coat, tripping on the uneven ground before I turn on my phone flashlight. I scoured the entire area we were multiple times with that flashlight. I can't find him. By the end of it, I'm crying. Yes, a perfectly undignified 17 year old crying over a lost toy. hey, he's special.
My friend rounds up her brothers and searches for him later, in daylight. A few weeks ago, I searched for him again, in daylight. Couldn't find him. But by then, I had accepted the fact he may have to be replaced, and had found a suitable replacement on ebay. It was killing my inside to do that, (Toy story 3, anyone? TRAUMATIZED me.) But I also knew I would soon forget, and start treating the new one like he was the old one. Sure enough, I did, as soon as I'd clicked the purchase button. XD

So here is a photo story I made the morning after Lloyd arrived, I wish I'd taken some behind the scenes shots, they would have been hilarious. πŸ˜„ 
(imagine: paper and pieces of torn apart mini figures strewn over the table, an unexpected assortment of objects holding up more paper, and curious sibling faces and hands getting into eVeRyThInG)

Elena: GUYS!! HE'S HERE!!!

Elena: I can't believe you're here, I'm so happy!
Lloyd: It's so good to to see you, I've really missed you!
Elena: Same!

Lloyd: Hey guys!
Movie Lloyd: 'Sup man!
SE9 Lloyd: Glad you're back!
Elena in background: !!!!


Lloyd: Ah, here she is! This is Cyren, I met her while I was making my way back. Cyren, this is Elena, and a few of my cousins.
Elena: *gasp* you made a friend! Welcome, Cyren!

Elena:You're going to fit in great here, Cyren! I'll introduce you to Scarlett and her family, they're also pirates!
Cyren: Thank you! It's so nice to finally meet you, btw, Lloyd talks about you a lot! I'm happy to be here, but there's just one thing...
Elena: One of us is gonna have to change our hair.
Cyren: Exactly.
*both laughing* 

Lloyd: So, what happened while I was gone? How were the holidays? 
Movie Lloyd: Oh yeah, thanks for getting lost three days before Christmas. Really threw off the mood.
SE9 Lloyd: Elena spent like a week crying. It wouldn't have been too bad, but she was listening to "All I Want for Christmas is You" on REPEAT.
Lloyd: *winces* Oooh. Yikes.
Movie Lloyd: It was awful.


I hope you found this amusing as I did :D 
(and for anybody wondering, no, he did not arrive with that face, I swapped it for the story, since the expression fit better.) 
(same with Elena lol, thats not her face XD)
I feel like it had too many exclamation points, and it was told in a shorter, choppier tone, but it was written for instagram first, and nobody on insta (besides me) has time to read all that. -_-
But it was fun to make, so there's that. :)
Have a great day,
Happy Valentines day. ;) 

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

This Month on Instagram #16- January

Hey ya'll!
How was your January? I've gotten the hang of being head cheer coach for my little team, I'm missing karate though, since they're at the same time, and I miss it. :/ but the cheer season is almost over, so I get to go back soon :D I'm taking a creative writing class, and, let me tell you, not doing well. I can't write poetry for the life of me, all my poems tell stories, which I'm not supposed to do, which leaves me "????" but again, in a couple  of weeks we move onto the prose/REGULAR WRITING part, thank goodness, back to my turf. 😜

Got Ruthie here with her lovely Christmas dress, and the camellia flowers attempting to steal the spotlight. They almost won. πŸ˜„

 Bonus just flowers shot✨🌸✨

Time to play my favorite game, Ignore the hairband! :D 
 srsly tho, these flowers 😍

Enchanted fairy grove πŸ’–πŸŒΊ 


Bonus up a tree shot✨

Hope ya'll enjoyed my pictures, hope over to my instagram page and give it a follow if you would be so kind. :) 
I've drawn some more art for my book lately, and I'll probably just update this post so that you can see what the characters look like lol. But I've also got a lego story that I think I'll post soon, and a tag from like, November, that is still half written. I'm so fabulous. Fabulous at pRoCrAsTiNaTiNg. *laughs hysterically*
Madi introduced me to Matthew Parker lately, HE'S SO GOOD. I've got a spotify playlist that contains practically the entire albums Adventure and Shadowland, and about half of the album Daydreamer, playing on repeat for like, two weeks now. XD 10/10 recommend :D  

Hope you're having a good February, and have a great day!
(wishing for spring πŸ˜ͺ)