Wednesday, September 6, 2017

In which I, Kit, relate to you everything that has happened.

Hello, peeps! Kit here, come sit down on this comfortable chaise thing, just don't sit on mum, She's reading Harry Potter. Actually, go ahead and sit on her anyway, she probably won't notice. 
Wait, did I say mum??? Harry potter must be affecting me. 😳
Besides that! We are currently back in August, in a rented house, South Carolina, the day before the eclipse, whose date I can't be bothered to remember. We came with my mom's Oma, and two of Oma's friends; miss Jade and miss Julia. Miss Jade has seven grandchildren, and she told us about lego land, I really want to go! Though if we do go, mom better bring me. Miss Julia is a favorite of Daisy, Wakko, and Bubbles, she pushes them on the swing, and listens to their long rambly stories. And Oma is Oma, so nice. 🙂
(When mama graduates high school, Oma might take her on a trip! She better bring me then!)

 Its a very nice house, living room, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, a deck, and this little screened-in porch. 

This picture didn't turn out how I wanted it to be.
Oh, and do you like my outfit? I got it for my birthday, which we celebrated right before we left. And actually, mom read That Harry potter book she's reading (it's The half-blood prince) on the drive here, then when we got here, she explored and then started reading it again, which she's doing now. My mom is very weird. She said she needed to be able to remember all the questions that are going to be answered in the last one. She also says its really good, but whatever they find out in the next one, she's never forgiving Snape. 

ooooh, this photo turned out much better!

There was an old car shed-thing in the back, it had a broken fridge in it, and this empty window that look out to this red crepe myrtle. 

Focus on me....

And on the plant...
hmmm, not quite.

Should I make one of these my new profile photo?

Here is a lovely view of half the back yard. The front yard was really tiny and messy, but the back is big and nice- in care and looks. 🙂

There were some cute pink flowers growing along the fence on the other side of the yard. 🌼

Look! I discovered a secret staircase under the deck!

Then I go hot, and went back inside. I relaxed, and read Harry Potter over mama's shoulder. 😛

Then it was time for bed, and I changed, brushed my teeth, and grabbed my book to read before going to sleep. And yes, that is Unfogging the future. I have studying to do.

I wanted the chaise, but mom made me a bed on the floor with a few of the many pillows. There were like 8 of them! (I also got mom's throw blanket. It was very comfortable.) 

The next day was the day the actual eclipse happened. Mama had finished her book, and the whole family spent most of the day out, so I settled down on a pile of pillows and watched out of mama's eyes. Did anybody tell you that we dolls can do that? We may not have told you, but it comes in handy when you go to see a movie that we want to see, but you didn't bring us with you. 😡 Ahem. They went to a cute little deli, and used an adorable old coke machine that sold cokes for a dime, came back for a quick lunch, and then went to the playground down the street. Mama doesn't like coke, so I got in an argument with a pair of impertinent legos over who got to drink the coke. Whatever they tell you, know that I won. (no, no, I would never exaggerate) 
So I watched them walk to the playground, and miss Julia taught them how to play 'crocodile' where one person has their eyes closed, and they have to find everybody else. Everybody else can only stay on the playground equipment, and they get in corners, hang off, and climb on the outside to try to stay out of reach of the croc. The croc has their eyes shut, but they can go on the equipment and the ground. Grand-dad, (Mom's dad) made everything harder, like knocking on the bars where someone was standing, so then the croc would find them. Or picking up some of the littles when the croc was getting close, and carrying them over to a different part of the playground. But besides that, it was really fun. 🙂

Ivy and Thorin were jumping off the swings, not very high, but comparing landings and distance when mom was making commentary, acting as if they were in the Olympics. Then while the rest of the kids were checking out their new solar eclipse glasses, mama tried jumping off the swing. It wasn't that bad, but the swing had barely been moving so she tried again, going a little higher this time. Also not bad, but almost fell over. She got more confident and tried again, going at a nice comfortable pace. She landed---aaaaaand fell over backwards, getting sand in her pockets. How does Ivy do it? She usually looks like she's about to fall forwards, and Thorin lands like a sailor without his sea legs, but he stays upright. Well, mom tried it again, and this time when she landed one leg slid forward while the other slid back, and she ended up on one knee, with a hand on the ground, and the other in a dramatic flare. I was quite impressed, while mama stayed in that position for a moment, trying to figure out how she did that.
So mom, Thorin and Ivy kept practicing their jumping, pausing frequently to check on the moon's progress. It looked like a small puddle of melted cheese with a bite taken out of it.

But when it got dark was when it got really cool!
So all this time, you can't see a difference unless you have the glasses on. But then in the last thirty seconds before the sun is completely covered, it looks a little dimmer, like just before sunset. And you lay back and look at the sun though your glasses, and you can SEE the moon moving over the last sliver. And your glasses go dark so you pull them off and lo and behold! Its as dark as night, the street lights have turned on, the temperature has gone down, and there's a big black hole in the sky, ringed with a glow of light. Its SO cool. And you get to admire it for about two minutes, and then this little speck of light shows up in the corner, and it spreads a line of light cutting the dark circle in half, and it looks like the death star. 😛 And you're taking glances through your glasses at the re-appearing sun, but you're mostly just watching everything get brighter around you, its like watching the sunrise that you didn't get to watch this morning because you slept in. Oh wait, that was mom who slept in, not me.
But boy, was it awesome.
It was also awesome getting to eves drop on my mom's thoughts, even if they were mostly about sewing. Well, earlier they were about ninja, which was fun, but then she started thinking about sewing ninja suits, and she started thinking about patterns, and seams, and where could she buy black linen. I mean, come on. 😑
Anyways, I've talked for quite a bit, ad nothing interesting happened after that, (We went home the next day) and I'm hungry. See you later!

Well peeps, lets chat it up! Did you see the eclipse? Have you every played 
crocodile? Which of those photos should be my profile? How did you
 like The half-blood prince? Or have you not read it yet?
 How cool are your landings when you jump off the swing?