Monday, November 21, 2016

Pumpkin pie craft!

Hi everyone! Here's how to make pumpkin pie! This craft made me hungry. *licks lips*
You will need:
1. Aluminum foil cupcake wrappers 
2. Tan felt
3. Orange craft foam
4. White puffy paint, or regular white paint
5. Scraps, stuffing, or cotton balls
6. Hot glue and a pencil or pen

Step 1. Spread out your cupcake wrapper, and hot glue a strip of felt around the rim.

Step 2. Place your pie pan upside down on the craft foam, and trace around it. 

Step 3. Cut it out smaller than what you traced, and fit it into the pie pan. You may have to re-trim a few times. Fill the pan with scraps, stuffing, or cotton balls, and glue the craft foam in.

No you can make the whipped cream. You can use puffy paint, or I used hot glue, then painted that. 
You're finished! Now, I haven't finished the turkey, which unfortunately means that you might have difficulty finishing it before thanksgiving. Soooo sorry! So make sure you have model magic, craft paint in various shades of brown, (or brown, black, and white) and mod podge. Also a stuffing colored paint. Again, I'm sorry that I didn't plan better. :(

Now, anyone interested in finding out how that craft show went?

Here's my table. It was fun to set up! My dad and brother made the beds.

Here's a better look at the stuff.

Hello! Kit here. I was very excited, but by the end of the show.....

This happened. I was soooo bored! 
Yeah, I only sold one set! So I started setting up an etsy shop, which has a page if you didn't notice. ;P (please, pretty please visit it! It would make me so happy!) 
Any way, toodleoo, bye!


(Like it? Fine, fine, I'll go now.)

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