Thursday, September 8, 2016

Think to ink writting challenge 1


Hi! I'm in another writing challenge, yay! This one is being hosted by Grace. :)
Grace, I used all three prompts, and I will insert the images when I come to them. I also mentioned a quill, and I will highlight that.
By the way, I'm on team quill. :)
Team Quill

Let's start now, shall we? :D

I skipped along the sidewalk to the park, humming happily. I had gotten an A+ on my math test,  I was going to my best friend's house for a sleepover tomorrow, and we were having lasagna for dinner! I smiled again at the thought of it. I reached the entrance to the park, and started looking around for my sister, Lihn. I spot her sitting at a table, deep in conversation with a few of her friends. I stop humming. Oh no. I think. I head over.
When I get in earshot, I hear: "Alright. So that's settled."Lihn's friends nod and leave. I walked up to Lihn. "You can't do this." I say. Lihn whipped her head around, startled. 
Challenge 1.:   
Then she saw me and frowned. She never spoke, never made a sound, but the look in her eyes told me exactly what was about to happen. 
 Challenge 1.:
"Look, you can't do this!" I cried. "No matter what mom and dad say, this will break them." Lihn stopped frowning and looked tired. "We've already been over this Nina, you know why I have to." I scowled. Lihn sighed. "Why did you come?" She asked. "Mom wanted me to get you. It's almost time for dinner." I keep scowling. She gets up, and we go home. I have trouble eating the lasagna, and ask to be excused early. 
That night, I wake up around 1:00 in the morning, and can't fall back asleep. It's a full moon, and very bright. I walk over to my specimen shelf, and examine my rocks, shells, butterflies, and a large feather which would have made a wonderful quill. I go back to my bed and look out the window. Then I see something, moving across the yard. It's Lihn. I push back the curtain to see better. 
 . Challenge 1.:
She swiftly crossed the yard, and was crossing the meadow to the forest when I heard it: Lihn was singing. Soft, sweet, and comforting. And as I watched, she turned, waved, and blew a kiss. How she knew I was up, I don't know. But I waved back, and watched as she reached the woods. Two people stepped out to meet her, but I couldn't see who they were. The three of them stopped for a moment, as if talking, then the two turned and went back into the forest, Lihn following. I stayed at the window for a long time. Then I sighed, and went back to bed.
What do you think? It's not really sad, but still. :/


  1. Aww, I loved that, Olive! It was sad but sweet all at the same time. Fantastic job!

  2. Wow. Not to sound surprised, but that was actually really good.