Sunday, June 26, 2016

Just a little news

Hello, I would just like to inform you that I am leaving for camp tomorrow morning, and I will not be back until saturday afternoon. I did set the next part of the Gems of power on a timer, so it will post itself in case I don't get back in time. :) Now I have to go pack for camp,

Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Gems or power - Part 4

I know, so early right? XD

For the previous parts, click HERE.

I quickly stepped out and shut the door before my mother could see her, and asked,
"Whats wrong?"
"My queen requires your assistance!" Her voice was high, and slightly squeaky.

She immediately scrambled to the top of my head, and would tell me nothing, despite my questions, except for where to go.

She led me through the yard.....

....through the forest....

....then deeper into the forest....

And to the meadow, where the queen was waiting. My guide slipped down my head and arm, dropped off my fingers, and ran off.
"Thank goodness, Amy, you arrived. There have been two dreadful calamities this morning."
"Yes, two." 

"About fifteen minutes ago, the unicorn, or 'Shadows in moonlight' as you recently named her, started chasing us all round, not letting us prepare for the other great calamity..."

"For when the sun rose, Medea appeared out of nowhere, struck the guards with magic, threw some captives in a cage, laughed evilly, and vanished."

"And the captives were my daughter and her handmaidens."

"That's awful!" Amy exclaimed, "Can I help?"
"In a moment, first I would like you to help with the unicorn."

At that moment, Shadows in moonlight went stiff, and then fell over. I rushed over and knelt, she was breathing hard, with a wild look in her eyes. 
"I think it's over now." I said.

Then she slowly stood up, the fairies scattered, disappearing into the grass. I stood up, and slowly approached, hand outstretched, talking to her softly.

I pulled myself on to her back and stroked her softly. She quivered, then relaxed.

"It's alright now, come on! We have a princess to save!" Everyone scrambled aboard, and we were off!

Next part on Saturday! 

Quick story, I ran inside to get Ruthie's boots, and when I came out, Ivy had done this:
How did she do that? Any way,

Friday, June 24, 2016

Some random updates

Hi! So, yeah, the title explains again. :p 
The updates.....

I added some more things to Amethyst's collection, see it HERE.

Hazel posted about Maria's birthday, see it HERE.

The Wellie wishers came out a few days ago, as well as a bunch of new truly me stuff. 

American girl ideas bought the wellie wishers and play house, and the reviews are HERE  and HERE. UPDATE. Also the bunny, see it HERE. And the garden table and chairs, see HERE. And the small sets, HERE, and the theater, HERE.

I am working on the this or that or that for this month with a lot of the new truly me items.

I am also working on replicating some beforever sets.

And I think that's about it. Bye!  

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Review - Samantha's bedtime accessories

Hello! Today I am doing my first review, and it is Samantha's bedtime accessories. Ivy got it last Christmas. 
Here is the whole set, except the cards. 

latest (1000×1000)
Here is the pic from American girls website. It is $44

Let's start with the music box, because it's my favorite. It is made of wood, and has a design painted on the top.

 Here is the bottom. You turn the silver thing to wind it up. No batteries!

The gears are covered with plastic, so you don't break them, and there is a little space next to it to put stuff in. The little card is glued to the top. The hinges are a little loose, but they still won't open any farther than straight up, so that is good.

 It is bigger than I realized, here it is on Ruthie's lap.

 The teddy bear is so cute! He looks different than on the American girl website, but a lot cuter! He is very soft, and the bow is sewn on.

 He even has a tiny little tail! He does have a very long tag though, I don't know why I haven't cut it off yet.

 Here it is with Ruthie.

 And a little copy of the wizard of Oz! It is so cute! It is a hard cover.

You can even read the little words inside. It has 4 abridged chapters in it.

Here it is with Ruthie.

 And now the scrapbook. It is hard cover, and the sting is the only thing keeping to cover and the pages together.
 The cover opens easily, but the pages are more difficult. There is a little envelope inside to put the pictures. 
 Here are the little pictures. They are very cute, but just cardstock. And there aren't enough.

You can arrange them, and glue them down, but Ivy would rather play with them.

Here it is with Ruthie. 
Over all, I rate this 4 out of 5 stars. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I'm still thinking about the GOTY I made up.

Hi! Yeah, the title explains it all. :) Seriously, I think I am going to start writing her books! Any way, here is a picture I drew of her in her meet outfit.
Here she is, with her shoes off, of course. :) I drew her like a person because I cannot draw dolls. :p

Here is a slightly closer look at her. 

And here is a close up of her face. :)

Oy, as soon as I finish reading Eragon (great book, but don't read the last book in the series!) I am going to start writing her books, heehee! 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Who should GOTY 2017 be?

Hi! I got tagged by Loren for the Who should GOTY 2017 be? Thanks Loren!
And small dolls in a big world is having a giveaway! She is giving away a cute mini lea doll! You can enter HERE. 

.  Thank the person who nominated you
.  Answer the the 10-15 questions given you
.  Make 10 questions for the nominees to answer
.  Nominate 2-5 people

What is your GOTY's name?
um.....Amethyst Monique Smith 

How old is she?
12. It was the best age!

What does she look like?
hmm...whatever-face-mold-they-used-on-Grace, gray eyes, freckles, and shoulder length caramel hair.

What are her hobbies?
Romping in the woods with her friends and big sticks, reading, trying and failing drawing, jumping on her trampoline, and playing Mario kart.

Where does she live?
The country in VA.

Does she have any siblings?
Yes, a sister Ruby, 11, and a brother 'octopus' Octavius who is 9 1/2.

Her best friends are Ruby and a girl named Pearl, who is 11. Oh and I guess octopus, who randomly pinches them so they are obliged to chase him all over and get revenge. Amethyst, Ruby and Pearl met in James town when their mothers realized that they knew each other on facebook.

A very friendly golden retriever. 

What school does she go to?
She and her siblings are home schooled.

Outfits in her collection?
Meet outfit: Purple tunic, black knee length leggings, purple flip-flops, and a necklace with a real amethyst on it. Romping in the woods outfit: A purple head band, a purple t-shirt, gray cargo shorts, black rain boots, and a a walking stick that looks like she picked it up off the ground and broke some extra branches off it. (which is what she did) Pajama's: A lavender tank top and light blue shorts with leopard print slippers and a white bathrobe that goes down to her ankles. Winter outfit: A light blue long sleeve shirt, a lavender puffy jacket, jeggings, and pull on black fuzzy boots, like these:
Untitled-plainboot.jpg (400×400)
And there is some more, but I don't want you to get bored. ;)

Her favorite color is purple, (I think you all ready figured that out) she doesn't like wearing shoes, so she is usually barefoot. She adds her slippers and bathrobe to her pajama's in the winter. Her big item would be a trampoline, big enough for 4 dolls to jump comfortably. She also has a garden with some gardening tools. And she LOVES Star Wars, so maybe a set with some star wars knick knacks? Also a set with a few wii remotes with the wheels they go in, and some slides of mario kart wii that will fit in the truly me Tv.(<link) In her books, they would romp in the woods, find a baby deer, have an encounter with a snake, a few other things, and play very imaginative games, so it's like a bunch of fantasy stories in side of a story, if you know what I mean. ;) They will also visit D.C, and maybe get lost? But they will definitely have fun! Her accessories are a braided headband, a bracelet made off little dragons and gold beads, a little copy of Greek myths, and a little book of fairy tales. Why her necklace is in her meet outfit, is because her grandma gave it to her when she was 7, and she liked it, she would wear it on special occasions, but when her grandma died suddenly when she was 10, she put it on and never took it off.

And that's it! Now I nominate....

                                       Anyone who has a doll with dark hair!

The questions:
. What is your GOTY's name?
. How old is she? 
. What does she look like?
. What is her personality?
. What are her hobbies?
. Does she have any siblings?
. Friends?
. Pets?
. What are the outfits in her collection?
. Anything else about her?

 Have fun! Would you buy Amethyst?  

Monday, June 20, 2016

A quick update

Hi! I just got back from vacation. I am tired, stiff, and sunburned. I was having trouble with Blogger, so go read part 3 of the Gems of Power on the 'the Gems of Power' page. 

Friday, June 17, 2016

Doll dining - part 5 - lunch and dinner part 1 - burgers

Hi! I an sooooo sorry this is late, we drove up to Oma's house last night and we spent all day at Mt Vernon. Unfortunately I forgot the i-pod, or I would have made a post on that. I'm starting the lunch and dinner choices. 
You will need:
1. A styrofoam ball that doesn't quite fit in your dolls hand
2. A golden/tan craft paint
3. White, red, and yellow puffy paint
4. Brown felt
5. Yellow and red craft foam
6. Green crepe of tissue paper
7. Wax or parchment paper, hot glue, and scissors

Step 1. Cut your styrofoam ball in half, be careful not to squish it. 

Step 2. Now you have the bun. but it will still roll over, so squish the bottom flat. you can't tell very well in this pic.

Step 3. Now paint the outside a golden/tan. (Can you see how the one on the left had a flat bottom?)

Step 4. When that has dried, add some white puffy paint sesame seeds. (Mine don't look very good.)

Step 5. Glue two circles of brown felt together for the meat, a square of yellow craft foam for the cheese, a piece of red craft foam the size of a quarter for the tomato, and the green crepe or     tissue paper for the lettuce. (I didn't have any) And red and yellow puffy paint foe ketchup and mustard                                                                                                                                                    

Step 6. Cut some strips of yellow craft foam for french fries, and put a squirt of red puffy pant on wax or parchment paper. When it has dried, peel it off and put it on a plate.

You're done!

Kit's room is a holy terror. I still haven't gotten around to cleaning it. On the craft subject, there are two other side dishes in the place of french fries, and they will be up in a few days.
Right now I have the opening song from beauty and the beast in my head. So random! 
What song is in your head right now?
P.S. I just got around to seeing all the comments, I will not respond to all of them, but they are all read and appreciated. :)

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Doll dining - part 5 - drinks

Hi! Sorry this is so late, I was blogging so much to day I forgot that I hadn't actually posted anything! I decided to do the drinks already. It's not really a craft, because you can see everything I did already. I'm just going to explain things a little. :)

 So here are the different drinks. 

 Here are two that are similar. I just painted the sides, and added straws and little craft foam circles for orange and lemon slices. You can leave it like that, or I filled one with clear beads for ice. Or you can mix school glue or mod podge and a few drops of food dye or vanilla, pour it in to the little cups, add whatever accessories, and wait a few days to a week to dry. (If you add nothing, just glue or mod podge, you have water!) This method is good for transparent drinks, like soda, lemonade, and orange juice. 

 This is another method of making solid drinks, like milk, hot chocolate, chocolate milk, stuff like that. Just put model magic that's the right color in your cup, and let it dry. (The marshmallows are little bits of craft foam.)
When it dries, it should be able to pop out like this.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Doll dining - part 4 - waffles and pancakes

Hi! I got an idea for tacos yesterday, so that will be on the lunch/diner menu.
You will need:
1. Tan craft foam
2. Yellow craft foam
3. Hot glue
4. Syrup colored paint

Step 1. Cut out a craft foam circle a little larger than your doll's hand.  

Step 2. Cut tiny little strips of craft foam and glue them down.

Step 3. Make a big gob of hot glue for syrup, and before it dries put a little square of yellow craft foam in the middle for butter.

Step 4. After the hot glue has dried, paint it for syrup. Try not to paint the butter.

Now you have a yummy waffle! Go ahead and add it to your menu.