Friday, August 19, 2016

The life of a scavenger - by Kit

Sorry this is so late, I'm reading the fifth harry potter book and forgot what time it was. xp

Hello there! 'Tis Kit, to tell you about the life of a scavenger! Mom finally found the i-pod under the sofa, and so she brought me to aunt Ivy's soccer practice, as there is a playground nearby. So to me, there are a lot of blue space ships lying around in the desert. Mom may put in a comment or two, but I will try to hush her up, as you get to hear her ramble in too many posts already.

Who is this mysterious person? Is it even human?

IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIt's, Kit! And of course I'm a human!
Kit, please stop with the commentary and get going.
Fine. But shouldn't there be some suspense? 
No. Because everyone knows its you.

 Any way, a scavenger survives buy dissembling spaceships and selling the pieces.

A wrench.....

.....and a screwdriver help a lot.

It's hot, time consuming, and sometimes painful work.

And no matter what you do, you end up with flyaway hair.

We explore the abandoned hulls of ships....

Extracting small bits of machinery that might get us our food for another day...

Slide down vent tubes....

Go through ships that are slanted, or even upside down.

And knock pieces off the sides...

Until all to soon, you're exhausted...

And you've drank all you water, and you have to call it a day.

Then, after you've sold it for WAY to little food, you go home, cook up the little veggies and meat... them....

....and make the bread with your refilled water.

By then I had sandy fingers, so that's why it looks right.

Then you get to eat it. It's the tastiest of the meal. ;)
And that's the life of a scavenger.


Isn't she so cute? Any way, Tory posted the second part of secrets. Hazel added some pages to her blog, They're so cute. :) (Sorry Hazel, they are!) And I REALLY hope that the next part of the guiding compass gets posted tomorrow, that would be so great!

Mom, can I get a fancy sign off?
Maybe later.

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