Tuesday, September 3, 2019

This Month on Instagram #11- August

Hey, ya'll!
This month's shoot is one of may favorites. Ninja!!!
 I paid a dear price though. It was like 125 degrees out there. πŸ˜“ i PrAcTiCaLy DiEd


 So sneaky.

Exclusive behind the scenes- covered in plant matter. πŸ˜‘ 

🎡ninja, ninja ninja...🎡

 I still haven't posted a tutorial to make these. I'll have to find the pictures, dang it. I took 'em forever ago. They might not even be on my phone, they might be on the i-pod.

Look at my beautiful ninja baby, off to destroy people.

(anyone get the reference?XD)

 She brought...chop sticks.
 But I haven't made her a sword or any nunchucks, (shame on me) so she had to make do.
 And as she just demonstrated, they're very good for poking people in the eye. :D

Another exclusive photo- I do love my walking-on-tree-branch shots. :)

 Behind the scenes-
 A shadow swinging down, before a perfect landing.😎

 It was much too hot, and Kit agreed.

#FABULOUS πŸ’‹ *hair swish*

 That's more like it. Can't go revealing your identity when you're on a secret mission.πŸ‘€ 
(never mind that she paused in the middle for a photo shoot ;P)


 Well, now she took it off.

....aaaaand put it back on again. She spotted her quarry, and remembered that she has a mission, that doesn't involve showing off for the internet. 

"Catch ya nerds later."
*ninja out* 

Goodness gracious. Where did she go.
*explosion in the distance*
Ah, there she is.


August was a rather busy month. It was my birthday, Ivy and I took the behind-the-wheel part of drivers ed, (I have discovered the pleasure of zooming through the many back country roads we have around here. It's exhilarating, and usually pretty empty of other cars, and I can go faaaast :D) School started, including an English class I'm taking at Wake Tech, that takes more time than the rest of my school altogether. I actually have to write an essay this week, and haven't finished my homework. heh. 
My days are quite crowded, what with normal things and trying to put aside time to work on my book. My drawing book, and the stack of books I just got from the library are also vying for my attention- and Harry Potter, I started a re-read and then got distracted. hmm. I need a time turner. One of me can sit in the seat I've claimed in the living room, and draw, another me can stay in my room and read, and another me can sit at the table in dining room and write, or do my homework. Which is...more writing. And I won't even bother about trying to stay out of myself's way. I'll just give myself a high-five and get a snack. :)
I see no flaw in this plan.  

Good luck to all ya'll in school, and have a great day,
(I'm missing the beach, a'ight?)