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Everything you want to know about Aidene's adventures :D

Hey ya'll!
Today I'll be doing one of my favorite things- talking about my wip! :D
Also, this is the first time in a long time that I've posted something besides a This Month on Instagram. Hmm. Busy, am I? yes. lazy? .....maybe. 
Any way, here we go!
My project is a fantasy trilogy that I've been working on for about two years. 
book 1: Initiate
book 2: Warrior
book 3: Hero 

And here is a super bad blurb, but I'm not very good at writing blurbs lol I'm sorry

Aidene is excited when she finds a portal into a fantasy world. It's amazing! Just like in books! But the people there are worried about being attacked by mountain trolls, they’re only farmers after all. And when the trolls do attack, they disappear with her new friend’s brother, Matheo. Aidene isn’t ready to be a hero. She doesn't even know if she can. But she wants to help, and when she bonds with a dragon, and becomes  a legendary warrior, she knows she can help. She sets off on a quest to rescue him, with her friend, Mira, her dragon, Amethyst, and two others. But darkness is rising, and Matheo’s disappearance is only the start of it. What other evils are waiting for them? What else will they uncover? Will they be able to rescue Matheo? And worst of all, what if he doesn’t even want to be rescued?

it's absolutely TERRIBLE and I can't find Charis's post on how to write them and googling writing advise is always so daunting. halp. 

so instead, I shall tell you that it's a story about disaster kids trying to save the world, ride-or-die friends, getting back up when you get knocked over, and never giving up. It's a story about a world of fear and darkness, and finding and appreciating the buttercups and sunshine. It's a story of dragons and magic and holding on to hope no matter how hard it gets. 

All three of these are Aidene, I thought it looked cool to draw 'em like that. 😛
she's an optimistic ball of fire and sass, and is the first Dragon Warrior in about a thousand years, so shes got a lot on her shoulders. She would die for her friends in a heart beat, and literally one of the first things she does in the book is ditch the elves and their training schedule to go on a road trip to try and rescue Mira's brother. they have no plan, and only a vague idea of where he is. It's a disaster and i love it. XD
here she is later, after she's slowed down enough to learn somethings and get a totally wicked set of armor. :D
I heard this song called Warrior, by Hannah Kerr, early this spring and it ASTOUNDED me on how well it fits this series! not quite so much in book one, but definitely books 2&3.
it's awesome I love it :D

This is her best friend Mira. she is the most darling child ever, very smol, super soft and sweet 💛 she wants to be a story teller when she grows up, and is great at memorizing things, is also a pretty good healer.

Other characters, who I have not properly drawn are Amethyst, Matheo, Arrow and Célia.

Amethyst is a purple dragon, she's feisty and sarcastic, Aidene and her make a great team. fun fact: she's absolutely terrified of small lizards.

Matheo is Mira's older brother. lots of secrets about him 👀 he's got grand schemes for power, but he doesn't want anything bad to happen to his little sis tho, he's not that heartless. 

Arrow. Poor Arrow, I'm kind of mean to him and he doesn't deserve it. XD he's half elf and half human, and pretty much shunned by everyone. His mom, (the human) is dead, and his dad basically disowned him in an attempt to re-gain his standing among the other elves. but he's still really cheerful, and loves and protects his friends because they're literally the only ones he has. 

Célia was Arrow's only friend for the longest time, until Aidene, Mira, and Amethyst came into the picture. (I have a lot of girls on this team 🤔) she lost her feet in an accident when she was really young, and now has magic wooden ones. It's not too much of a problem, (until she's around too much fire eheeheehee) and she would have been able to fit in with elf society without too much of a hitch, but she befriended Arrow because she felt bad or him and knew a bit about being different, so now she's like, looked down on since she befriended a shunned person. she's definitely the most mature, she's also quiet, a bit standoff-ish and no-fun zone. It takes a long time to go from tolerating them to actually accepting their friendship. 

Oh! Can't forget about my villain! my villain's name is Vivianda. She's a total fantasy evil-scientist, her goal is immortality with a side dish of world domination. She wants attention, immortality, (like I mentioned) and the feeling of control. Her backstory is actually kind of sad, but don't feel bad for her now. By the time the series starts, she's been completely corrupted by dark magic, and will torture you to death "for research" without remorse. 

This is Charla Seelom and Sheeril'la. They're legends, the last Dragon Warrior before Aidene finally came along. Charla Seelom's real name has been forgotten- (actually, there might be one elf who still remembers it, but I haven't decided on that or not.) she also came from Aidene's world, just a long time ago. Her stories say that she came to their world through the same magic tree Aidene did, during the war with he-doesn't-have-a-name-yet, became a Dragon Warrior, won the war, (no one know how she defeated him, and she never told) and spent the next 500+ years rebuilding the country, learning and teaching and keeping the peace and justice. She didn't like to talk about her world, and def not her life back there. when she earned the name Charla Seelom, (it mean Dragon Soul in the old language) she took it and never looked back. No one remembers her old name now. And then one day she and Seeril'la vanished. She was the last Dragon Warrior, (the rest of them died during the war) and no new ones appeared until Aidene, another girl from the same world as Charla, came and became a Dragon Warrior. Now why is that? you shall have to read and see... :D

But you don't really get answers until book 3, Hero, so. I better get writing. 
I'm also considering writing a prequel series about her :D

I discovered the joy making memes about my book, so I would like to share some of my better ones :)

 The plot of Warrior in a meme format.😛
Maybe I should use this instead of writing a blurb for Warrior. XD

 c'mon, Vivi, you drama queen. 

I really like this meme format. XD

I also drew this real quick, it's sort of a meme?

Very Tired CéliaTM

Very un-elf like behavior, Arrow. Elves (or half elves) do not submit to flower crowns!

This is like my fav pic of Aidene. XD

Amethyst being terrified of lizards, and Matheo tied to a chair because he was being annoying. (aka he's snarky and Aidene had enough)

And I made a few aesthetics :D

(this post just keeps getting longer and longer lol I hope you don't mind i love my book.)

I'm actually pretty proud on how I balanced the gold/fire with the purple :D

(I should prolly choose between the person or the drawing huh.)

Matheo's are a work in progress, and I haven't started the others yet.

Well, I think that's all I have for now. I hope you enjoyed that little peak, and I hope I can make some good progress writing them, because my birthday in on Monday (I'm gonna buy a mermaid tail with my birthday money! yeeess, I'll be 17, is that a problem? it means I won't grow out of so it'll last longer, it's an advantage really...) and I'm starting school after that. Help. (I'm starting 12th grade. why am I so old. O_O) 

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This Month on Instagram #10- July

Hey ya'll!

How was your July? I participated in camp nano again, and I'm really making progress on my book, which now has a title! :D maybe I'll make a post about it, since several major changes have happened since I last posted about it. (when DID I last post about it?) 
(omgosh I just checked and that was in 2017. o_o I've been working on this book for about two years now.)

Anyway, I forgot what else I was going to say, so lets get on the the pictures!

Even though this is Lea's outfit, and we own Lea, it's Elizabeth's, Daisy got it for her birthday before we got Lea. 😛  

ahhhh i love all this green💚 

 these were supposed to be ominous but boy did that fail. -_- instead it looks like I need to adjust the exposure.

love these ones :D 

 ahk! bugs! so many bugs! bites all over me! AHK.


the creek bed dried up to make the perfect picture place. :D 

Other things that happened this month, (last month?) Ivy and I took drivers ed, Hazel visited, and my youngest sister Princess broke her leg. She's out of her cast now, but she has a brace, and still has to be carried around everywhere. Sometimes I suspect that she enjoys it. -_- 
(she's plowed through our entire disney movie collection, three seasons of ninjago, several coloring books, and a bunch of candy. can I break my leg pls?) 
So if you could keep her healing and patience, and my sanity, in your prayers, that would be great.
And Dara, her mama died less than a week ago.❤

Next month (or technically this month) is my birthday, (I'm gonna be 17 wut) school starts again, I'll be starting a writing class at wake tech, I'll hopefully keep up writing my book, and I've already taken the pictures for this month, the first of which I shall be posting today. :)
I really like this month's batch, hopefully you will to! :D