Thursday, August 4, 2016

Rey's food packets

Hi! Today we are going to make what Rey eats in the force awakens! In the guiding compass, part 18, Tay has the packets for the bread, and that reminded me that I had wanted to make what Rey ate but never did, so I did now! And I was making this yesterday, but we went to the library in the middle of it and got home late. :p
daisy-ridley-rey-star-wars-the-force-awakens-banner.png (656×343)

(Are her boots gray, brown, or graybrown? They look different in almost every picture.)

You will need:
1. Zip lock bags
2. Flour
3. Brown craft foam
3. Green paper
4.  Scissors, hot glue, or an iron and parchment paper

Step 1. Cut out a corner of zip lock bag that is smaller than your doll's hand.

Step 2. Seal the other end or ends with hot glue or the iron and parchment paper, like Rudy did HERE. But leave one end open.

Step 3. Add a little flour and seal the open end. 

Step 4. Take a piece or Green paper....

...crumple it up...

...spread it out...

...crumple it up...

...spread it out...

And keep doing so until it is soft.

Step 5. The greens Rey ate kind of looked like wilted broccoli, so cut out some shapes from the paper, (make them small!) and crumple them up a little more. 

Now add some little brown craft foam bits for meat.

Step 6. Cut out another corner That is large enough to fit the first packet and something else.

 Step 7. After you seal the sides, add a bread packet and some greens and meat. Then you can close it, or leave it open so your dolls can take them out. I made some of both.

Lots of portions!

Kit has an open one...

...and a closed one.

I didn't do either of these, but you can make the bread out of model magic and paint,
main-qimg-52daa478a344cff0d57d34335e9a3890-c (572×322)

And a little pan to cook the greens in out of a small lid upside down, with a card board or foam board handle and painted black/gray.
Expect more star warsy crafts soon!


  1. This may be a different question but are you Catholic?

    1. no, but I have friends who are :)

  2. Oh, that is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!