Saturday, November 19, 2016

Some thanksgiving stuff (like cranberry sauce.)

Hi everyone! It's really close to thanksgiving, and I want to share some link stuff, and how I made cranberry sauce. Rudy from made sweet potato casserole, pecan pie, and green beans last year. HERE is the link. My family usually has sweet potato casserole at Christmas, and instead of rolling up paper for the green beans, I stuck two pieces of sticky green craft foam together, then cut it up. Rudy's pecan pie looks so good. <3
I'm going to tell you how to make cranberry sauce, a turkey, and pumpkin pie. I will tell you how to make the cranberry sauce today, and the turkey and pumpkin pie will have separate posts.
For the cranberry sauce, you will need:
1. School glue or mod podge
2. Red food dye
3. Teeny tiny red beads, like the middles of sequins
4. A doll bowl, that you don't mind being filled
5. Wax/parchment paper

(Unfortunately, no pictures.)

Step 1. In a disposable cup, mix the glue and a few drops of food dye until it's the color you want. (mix it with a popsicle stick or something)

Step 2. Pour it into the doll bowl, or in dollops on the wax/parchment paper.

Step 3. Wait about, maybe an hour before you put the beads in. If you do it to early, the beads will sink to the bottom. (True story. I found out the hard way.) Even then, you will probably have to add more beads before it has fully dried.

Step 4. Wait until it dries. This step takes FOREVER. At least a few days to be safe. While we wait, lets watch this AWESOME trailer of the new beauty and the beast movie!

Isn't it so awesome? Does anyone else think that she was holding that stick like a wand? She was Hermione first you know.
in few days, (like, two) your cranberry sauce should be ready. The dollops will be ready first, since they're smaller. Ta da! Delicious. 
Oh, and is having a giveaway! She's giving away some tools for cutting foam board, and she has a video on how to make the kitchen! So go check that out HERE
Anyway, gotta go, bye!


  1. Great craft idea! I love cranberry sauce ☺