The Gems of Power

Hey ya'll! I'm starting my new photo story series! I've wanted to do a really cool photo story series like....
Loren's story, Serpents
Jaclynn's  pirate stories 1, 2, and 3
Clara's  story, the small ones 
...and of  course, the guiding compass. 
(Read them all! It will only take, an hour?)

And I finally got an idea! Yay! I will post a new part every Saturday, there are 8 parts in it. 
Kit - Amy
Ruthie - Medea  
Misty - the unicorn
...and various playmobil as fairies
And now, The Gems of power!!!!

The evening it all started, I was out taking a walk in the forest. Relaxing and escaping from the world. I was especially stressed that day, so I had walked farther than I meant to. I leaned against a tree and sighed.

I heard a rustling in the trees and looked up. Was that a horn I saw poking out?

Then it's whole head came out. A unicorn!  

I stepped forward very, very slowly. And very, very slowly, I extended my hand until I was stroking her. "Hello." I said quietly. We just stared for the longest time.  

Then she came out and knelt, gesturing with her head that I should get on her back. I mounted nervously, I had only ridden a few times before, and never bare back! 

She started galloping, so fast it made my eyes sting. I leaned in and griped her mane as tight as I could, and tried to get my nerves and stomach under control.

All of a sudden, we burst in to a meadow, a magical looking meadow, if you know what I mean.
"Where are we..." I murmured.

Then the unicorn whinnied nervously, and suddenly tiny little people jumped out of the grass, surrounding us. They all had long ropes, weapons, and grim faces except for the woman in the middle, right in front. She carried a staff, and looked furious.
Part 2
She was dressed in a splendid pink and white dress, with a gold crown on her head. The staff in her hand glowed. But her face was what scared me, even more than the armed warriors on either side. It burned with fury.  

She muttered something and pointed her staff at the unicorn. There was a flash of light and I went flying. I hit the ground with a thud that took my breath away.  

When I had regained my breath, they had the unicorn tied down, and I vaguely thought that I should name it, but I put it aside, there were other things to deal with. The lady I suspected that was Queen was approaching, still glaring. 

"Stop!" I cried, stumbling to my feet and rushing forward. "Why are you doing this?"

The lady turned, and said, "Who are you to interrupt a Queen?" So I was right. "Please, let her go your majesty." My voice was barely more than a whisper. 

"Besides, what did she do to you? That you can treat her like this!" 

"Well, if you must know,...." She said in an icy tone, but then she paused. 

"This unicorn destroyed my kingdom, just the other day."
Part 3
"No! She wouldn't do that! Please let her go, I'll keep her from doing anything like that ever again!"

The queen glanced back at the unicorn, which was still struggling. 
"And how would you do that?"
"I.....don't know. Maybe you could, I don't know, cast some spell that will keep the unicorn out of where you're staying, and I would help keep an eye on her! It's summer vacation so I can be outside almost all day." 

"Very well." She gave a command, and the fairies unbound her.

"Oh thank you your majesty! Please call me if you have any trouble." 
"We will do that." She still sounded icy, as if reluctant to let us both go."Make sure to tell none of this to anybody." She ordered. "Or you will surely pay."
"Yes ma'm." I had no intention to any way.

I mounted the unicorn. "Good bye your majesty!" 
"Farewell, human child. Mind what I said!"
"I will. And my name is Amy."
"Then farewell, Amy."

As I was raced home, the wind whistling in my ears, I was able to hold on a little better. I closed my eyes, savoring the feel of the wind in my face. I probably won't be needed. I thought. I will be able to come and ride every day, and every thing will be fine.  

And that's what I thought, until a week later, on a sunny Saturday morning, I found a fairy on my tiny front porch.
Part 4
I quickly stepped out and shut the door before my mother could see her, and asked,
"Whats wrong?"
"My queen requires your assistance!" Her voice was high, and slightly squeaky.

She immediately scrambled to the top of my head, and would tell me nothing, despite my questions, except for where to go.

She led me through the yard.....

....through the forest....

....then deeper into the forest....

And to the meadow, where the queen was waiting. My guide slipped down my head and arm, dropped off my fingers, and ran off.
"Thank goodness, Amy, you arrived. There have been two dreadful calamities this morning."
"Yes, two." 

"About fifteen minutes ago, the unicorn, or 'Shadows in moonlight' as you recently named her, started chasing us all round, not letting us prepare for the other great calamity..."

"For when the sun rose, Medea appeared out of nowhere, struck the guards with magic, threw some captives in a cage, laughed evilly, and vanished."

"And the captives were my daughter and her handmaidens."

"That's awful!" Amy exclaimed, "Can I help?"
"In a moment, first I would like you to help with the unicorn."

At that moment, Shadows in moonlight went stiff, and then fell over. I rushed over and knelt, she was breathing hard, with a wild look in her eyes. 
"I think it's over now." I said.

Then she slowly stood up, the fairies scattered, disappearing into the grass. I stood up, and slowly approached, hand outstretched, talking to her softly.

I pulled myself on to her back and stroked her softly. She quivered, then relaxed.

"It's alright now, come on! We have a princess to save!" Everyone scrambled aboard, and we were off!


Quick story, I ran inside to get Ruthie's boots, and when I came out, Ivy had done this:

How did she do that?
Part 5
Medea's palace was pretty hard to miss. It was big. When we got there, we walked in cautiously, expecting a trap any minute. She was in the throne room, looking very imposing, her hood pulled low.
"Hello." She said. Her voice was low and silky, like a snakes. "I have been expecting you." 

"How did you know we were coming?" I asked.

"I suspected that you would be coming, and I saw you in my crystal ball." She gestured towards it, it was very beautiful, on a gold stand.

"And why are you here?"
"We have come for my daughter and her handmaidens, nothing more."
"Ah, if you want your daughter back, you will give me the gem of power that is in your possession."

"Never!" the Queen cried, but she looked pained. 

"Come, come. Just hand over the jewel, and I will set your daughter and her handmaidens free."

"Never!" We all said it this time, even the girls in the cage.

"Very well. Take your princesses! But little good it will do. The cage is heavily enchanted, so nothing can open it but the key..."

"Which I am taking with me!" She exclaimed, pulling a key from somewhere inside her cape.

She twirled around....

.....and was gone.
Part 6

After everyone had recovered from shock, the Queen ordered the guards to retrieve the cage.
"Your majesty? I have a question." I asked.
"Yes, Amy, what is it?" 
"What was she talking about? About the gem of power?"

"Amy, the gem of power is the most powerful thing in the world, having it would give you more power than you can imagine. We have one, and it is in a secret cave, guarded by all sorts of security measures. There is another one in the kingdom next to ours as well. The others have been destroyed long ago." 

We took the cage home, talking with the princess and her hand maidens, and tried everything we could think of to open it, but with no avail. 

As thy were struggling with the cage, I noticed that Shadows in moonlight was acting strangely, as if fighting something.  

I buried my face in her mane and stroked her. "It's ok, you can fight it! You're alright." She shuddered, then relaxed, and I knew that she would be alright.

Then I saw why she had been acting strange. standing tall and silent, a dark figure against the top of the hill.

I mounted the unicorn. "Charge!" 

I had no clue what I was doing, but I had the unicorn charge any way.

Medea smiled grimly, and threw back her hood, revealing dark hair pulled back, and a surprisingly young pretty face, then pushed her cloak of her shoulders.

She closed her eyes, raised her hands and started chanting something in a different language. Her hands started to glow.
"Amy!" The Queen called. "She's about to cast magic!"

A cloud passed over the sun. I didn't know what to do. At the last moment I stretched out my hand and slapped her cheek, HARD.     

Maybe not the best move, but it broke her concentration. She fell to the ground, rubbing her cheek. The cloud moved away.

I scrambled off Shadows in moonlight as Medea started to get up. Before she was fully up though, I jumped on her, and we fell tussling on to the grass.
Part 7
In about ten minutes and a little help from the fairies, we finally got her down and tied, while a fairy found the key in a pocket.

As soon as Medea was better secured, they unlocked the cage and let the girl out. They were so happy!
(Author interruption! hee hee, the guy on the left doesn't seen very enthusiastic!)

Then I dragged Medea to a rough pole sticking out of the ground, and tied her to it. then the Queen had a question for her.

"I don't suppose you'll tell me why you wanted the gem of power I have?"
"Very well." Then a thought struck her. "Have you had anything to do with the lack of correspondence between us and the neighboring kingdom?"

But she would not say.

"Where you the one that made the unicorn act weird?" I asked.

Medea gave a small sigh of exasperation. "Of course I did! I did it when I needed a distraction."

Then we left to send a messenger to the neighboring kingdom, and when we came back, she was gone.

We heard the cold evil laughter again. She was standing on the top of the hill again, her cloak pulled around her.

"You really thought you could keep me?" She laughed again, she extended her arm, holding part of her cloak.

She twirled around.....

.....and was gone.
Part 8
I was sitting on my front porch talking to the Queen, for there wasn't really anything we could do.
"Do you think Medea would go back to her castle?" I asked.
"No, she is to cunning to do that. She has probably hidden herself far away, where we can not find her."

"And what about the other kingdom, could they help?" 

"Yes, they could, and probably would, but it worries me that we have not been able to contact them."

"Do you think Medea had anything to do with it?"

"I fear so. Also how she controlled the unicorns mind. That takes severely strong magic only a few have accomplished, and with help."

We pondered that for a moment. Then I heard my mother call.

I got up and started to open the door, but stopped.
"Your majesty?"

The Queen turned.
"Yes, Amy?"

"If you ever see Medea again, please call me."

"You know I will Amy, you know I will."

I relaxed.
"Goodbye your majesty."
"Goodbye, Amy."

But far away, in a distant cave far in the mountains, Medea sat in the darkness, plotting.
"Those fools do not know what the're up against."  

"For I have something they do not know I have..."

"The blue gem of power!
Yes, I stole it from the other kingdom, and made sure that no messages got though, so no one knew of their loss. It also granted me the strength to control the unicorn, and now shall aid me to get the other, and I shall be the most powerful being in the universe! .....However, I hate to say it, but I may need assistance. I believe it is time to go find my sister...."
The end! 


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