Saturday, January 28, 2017

Star wars stuff

Helloooooo! Anyway, all the way back in October I was like, 'hey, I'm crazy about rebels right now, and my school binder needs a new picture for the front. Let's draw the rebels team!' so I did. IT TOOK FOREVER. And then my brother paid me with candy to draw one like it for him, and since I already ate it,(the candy) I better get started. (on the drawing. 😆 ) But today I'm going to show you the drawing I made. I call it a customized picture, because I got their poses from many different pictures, and arranged them how I wanted.

I took these pics when I finished, but before I colored it, because sometimes I ruin it coloring it.
(click on the pics to enlarge)

This is a slightly squashed chopper. I drew him first.

Then I drew Ezra. I got his pose from one picture, his head form another, (I think?) and I free handed his mouth, because I couldn't make it look right. 

Here's a better look at his lightsaber. I liked it so much, it's so unique a funny! 

And here's Sabine, She's one of my favorites. :) I got all of her from one picture.

And here's me. I look awful. I didn't have a picture to copy.
let's move on.

Hera! She's the mom of the group. 😜 She's from one picture. I really like how she turned out. 😃

And Zeb. He wasn't that hard.

And I added Ahsoka in because I like her. (I got her pose from one pic, her face from another) She's so cool! And totally kicks those inquisitors buts! 

And Kanan. I kinda free handed his mouth, but I got the rest from one picture.
(I just can't do guy mouths.....) 

And here it is colored! 

I used watercolor pencils for the paint splatters. :)

oops. I forgot to color her eyes...

And now I want to show you two star wars rewrites of the two songs from frozen. 'Do you want to build a snow man' comes first of course. 😛

And now 'Let it go' however, unlike the previous one, this one tells a story, and you need to have seen 'revenge of the sith' or know the story. 
*wails for the younglings* 😭

Don't be fooled by the Elsa, she doesn't show up for any of the video. 😛 (But doesn't she look so cool with that lightsaber?! Thorin thinks that she would make an excellent sith, but I disagree.) I keep singing snatches of it. 'My deadly lightsaber will help your body meet the floooooooooooooor!' My siblings crack up, then tell me to hush. 😏

Anyway, that's all! Sorry this is so late. We had games today, and my cheer leader charges were driving me CRAZY. nah, they're sweet. But the smallest one, (4? 5?) almost lost my bracelet, which they are fascinated with. I don't know why. 🙄 But they found it, which is good 😋 
(tip: never tell six-year-old-cheerleaders that their pom-poms remind you of fluffy puppies. You will find pom-pom puppies licking your face, and little cheerleaders asking you to do play puppies.) 

Just a random tip. 😛


  1. that star wars let it go is awesome and perfect because i just watched the first three! and also im moving to ohio!

    1. first three? the originals or the prequels?
      oh cool! better not take Ivy's costume though, or she will be quite miffed. :P
      Most crazily, ~Olive

  2. I nominated you for the sunshine blogger award! Here's the link!