Saturday, March 11, 2017

Star wars comLINKS: Most emotional scene

Hello everyone!

(image from Anakin and his angel)

So, the first thing I thought of was the scene that's in the picture, because that had me practically frozen with the feels. But then I was like, pfft! I'm doing something from the originals! The originals are my precious. 😛
So mine is:

The entire end of Return of the jedi

Yep, the entire ending. 😜 

Image result for star wars return of the jedi luke vs vader

Like when the emperor gets them to fight. This is what goes on in my head, and sometimes out loud. 
"NOOOOO! You wrinkled raisin! How dare you get them to fight! Come on Luke, beat him! I mean, stop! Don't fight! That's the evil raisin's plan!"

My head is pretty crazy. 😜
And then like, when emperor is electrocuting Luke, and Darth vader is just looking from one to the other, it's like, Come on! Hurry up and choose!

Image result for star wars return of the jedi vader looking from luke to the emperor gif

It's still so stressful. 🙈

And then the ending is so happy, and it would get me so excited, and my siblings and i would spend the next few hours talking about what the characters would do next, and fantasizing about Luke teaching Leia to be a Jedi, and all that cool stuff. 😃

Image result for star wars return of the jedi ending party

And then the force awakens RUINED my dreams...😒

And so that is the longest emotional scene, like probably ever. 😛 

I also meant to do February's comLINK, but I never ended up doing it. 😞 

Have a wonderful day everyone! 😃

(Hey look, I'm ending almost every sentence with an emoji...😄)

(And that one! 😜)

(ok, I should stop now...😆)


Most crazily,