Monday, May 16, 2016

Tea party! - Fun stuff

We were invited to a tea party on saterday, with the dolls of course! The dolls were very excited, and here they are very busily getting ready.

Elizabeth was smoothing her hair and putting on lipstick.

Ruthie was applying eye shadow, and asking everyone if her new hat looks good enough.

And Kit was going to heavily on the blush.

When we got to the party, I took a group picture. My friend Anna, (who was hosting the party) has Kaya, the doll in the middle, (whose name is Carmen) the mini dolls and the cat. Anna's grandma brought Caroline. Her hair is so pretty! I spent a long time playing with those curls.

Anna has a little sister named Izzy, she is Daisy's age. Her doll, (Samantha) and Elizabeth had a lot of fun, They were also the only dolls who got tea, because they took the two doll cups.

After tea, Ivy took some pics of Ruthie picking flowers. I think they are pretty good!

Then, Hazel showed up! Yay! She brought her doll Maria.
Carmen and Maria look like twins. (Maria looks taller because she is wearing platform shoes)

Then I took a pic of them all together again, but with Maria. And Caroline picked up a parasol.

When we got home, Hazel showed me an outfit she made for her doll. (Because Hazel lives in VA, so she is staying with us for a few days.) I think that it looks like Something between Rey and something from the hunger games.

She even has a stick!

We had a LOT of fun, but now I gotta go, an eye appointment, bye!

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