Saturday, August 27, 2016

Melody's release - my thoughts

Hi girls! Today I will be giving you my thoughts on Melody's release, tomorrow truly me, and the the rest of the BeForevers. :)

First off, The doll herself!
02BUN37_Melody_Doll_Book_and_Accessories_DKM86_DKH82_1 (400×400)
Melody! (And accessories. ;) ) Isn't she so cute? Her hair! And the sunglasses are too adorable. :)

DKH92_Melodys_Recording_Studio_1 (400×400)

Melody's recording studio - $250.00
It's so detailed! But very pricey. :P
DKH85_Melodys_Bed_Bedding_1 (400×400) 
Melody's bed - $95.00 
Strange colors. o_O
DKH86_Melodys_Bedroom_Accessories_1 (400×400)
 Melody's bedroom accessories - $45.00
awww, wook at da widdle ewafent! oooh, and a book! I like it, but it's too expensive. :/

DKH83_Melodys_Pajamas_Dolls_1 (400×400)
Melody's pajamas - $24.00
So cute! I love them! :O :O :O :O 
DKH89_Melodys_Table_Chairs_1 (400×400)

Melody's table and chairs - $85.00
mmm. They're alright, but I'll only like the price in they are metal. ;)
DKH88_Melodys_Block_Party_Set_1 (400×400)

Melody's block party set - $68.00 
So cute! Hot dogs! Pie! I think I should craft those pies, to make them look like they're in jar lids. :) but again, too expensive.
melody11.png (475×475)

Melody's play outfit - $28.00
This is cute, I really like the shoes! The tassels are weird, but I think that was the style. ;)
DKH84_Melodys_Dog_Bo_1 (400×400) 
 Melody's dog, Bo - $22.00 
Isn't he so scruffy and adorable?
 DRK94_Melodys_Travel_Essentials_1 (400×400)
Melody's travel essentials - $48.00
It's cute, I like the roses. :)
175410_1e8a6878c3b946298a8837d74aa0dc83~mv2.jpg (400×400)

Melody's electric piano - $48.00
Cool, but expensive.
DKH91_Melodys_Microphone_Set_1 (400×400)

Melody's microphone set - $38.00
mmm. Nothing special. 
DKH90_Melodys_Fancy_Floral_Dress_Dolls_1 (400×400)
Melody's fancy floral dress - $34.00
So pretty! I like it. :)
DKH95_Melodys_Hairstyling_Set_1 (400×400)

Melody's hairstyling set - $22.00
Adorable! I like the clips. :) It's a bit expensive though.

DRK71_Melodys_Christmas_Outfit_1 (170×170) 
Melody's Christmas outfit - $34.00
Sorry it's so small. :( Pretty! Pretty!

DRK72_Melodys_Fancy_Coat_1 (400×400) 
Melody's fancy coat - $34.00
So beautiful! :0 *drools*
DKH93_Melody_Mini_Doll_1.jpg (2000×2000)
Melody mini doll - $24.99
awww, so teeny weeny and cute!

And that's it! Now go see Tory, She posted something. :)

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