Sunday, August 21, 2016

Some birthday related stuff

Hi! Sorry this was so late, I was playing monopoly. We had Baby's birthday this week, and mine! And I got a few things from family who didn't send me money, and I wanted to show you because I'm excited! :D

First I got this soapmaking book! I read it a looooong time ago in the library and loved it, and now I finally got it! Grandma got it for me. :)

Some pics of different soaps it shows you how to make. :)

In Popsicle holders? o-0

And I got two American girl outfits, one was hand made by this lady, and I saw it when we went on a trip, and Oma bought it for me, and hid it. This is the sneak peek. 

When Grandpa came for Daisy's baptism, he gave me my birthday money early and I bought new church sandals, (dreadfully needed!) and this. (We were at target)

Heh heh, can you guess what they are? I won't say who's right or not, but if you get it right I will let you know when I reveal them. :D