Saturday, August 6, 2016

TBFN challenge 4

Team Dragons
I never get tired of looking at this. :0
I had an adorable star wars craft, but then I realized I was running out of time for this. :[ 
Any way, first, please read this awesome post. So funny, so true! XD And, I will not go to the store on my birthday, I'm waiting until October for the temporary store, because my parents will give me extra money for saving the gas, and the trouble of driving so far. Any way, ready for a very short, not very good part 4? I am!
Rutvi, I used 3 prompts and a dragon. I will bold the prompts, as well as add the images when you come to them.

(This is back to Beth's pov)
I yawned and sat up. I slipped my glasses in my pocket again, sometimes it was a little over whelming to see every thing glowing all the time, so I would put them on for a few minutes when my eyes needed a break. As I slipped to the door way, I wondered whether Deena was awake or not. she had fallen asleep by the fire last night, and Max and I hadn't wanted to wake her. I found her as I had found her in my first morning here, sitting and looking over the forest. All of a sudden, Max popped up from behind a rock. I yelped, he grinned, and Deena glared. "I told you not to do that Max!" She scolded. "You do that one more time and I'll eat you. I mean it! Max snorted. 
"It's fun, and the fastest way to get here. Any way, I thought Beth might be getting tired of meat all the time, so I brought some bubble berries." He grinned again. "Unfortunately, I couldn't carry enough for you, Deena. You'll have to find a bush of them again." Deena looked disappointed. 
"I've always wanted to know what they taste like without the flavors of leaves and sticks mixed in." She said. I felt sorry for her. 
"How about after breakfast we go find one of these bushes, and Max will help me pick them so Deena can have a good mouthful of them without leaves and sticks." Deena looked delighted. Max groaned. 
"Do you know how many berries that will be?" 
"A lot! Which is why you're helping me." I smiled at him.
"Oooh fine." Max groaned again. Deena snorted/chuckled, emitting a big puff of smoke, making Max and me cough. Then we ate breakfast. After that, we headed down in to the woods. As we walked over a ridge, through yellow green trees, It occurred to me that I wasn't sure why they were like that.

  I was going to ask, but then I stopped. Max probably knew, and would laugh. I'll find out later, it's not very important. As we kept walking, I saw a beautiful flower, lacy and pink. 
"What kind of flower is that?" I asked. Max studied it.
"I think it's a mind reading flower." He said. Deena looked surprised.
"Are you sure, Max? Those are really rare."
"Whoa, wait." I said. "You're telling me...this flower can read my mind?!"
"Yeah. Why? is that so weird?"
"Actually, it's not. I've met you, so..."
"Wow, thanks."     
DSC05886.jpg   Max looked put out and Deena laughed. A little farther on, I saw a little person stuck in a jar. She looked frantic and was pounding her tiny hands on the glass, it wasn't really helping.

"Who is that?" I asked.
"Oh, it's a fairy, can you let her out Beth?" Deena pleaded. Max frowned.
"Who put her in there?" He wondered.
"Only one way to find out." I picked up the jar and unscrewed the top. She shot out of the jar, unfurling transparent gossamer wings.
"They're here!" She squeaked, and zipped off. 

"Oh no." Deena said. "Beth, Max, get on my back. Beth, look around and see if you can spot them." We scrambled up quickly, and I gazed all around, then I saw them. 
"They're to the left, hurry." Deena spread her wings and leaped into the air just as they burst into the clearing. 
"They have bows!" Max warned. Deena started flying faster, but to late, the arrows were already in the sky. I heard a sickening rip, Deena roared, and then we fell.
Don, don, don! I am so evil. >:D
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