Tuesday, August 8, 2017

weekend trip part 2

Yeah, so Oma goes to Russia, and buys all of us matryoshka dolls! All seven of us, plus one for my mom, some metal soldiers for the boys, Thorin and Wakko, in case they weren't to interested in nesting dolls, and a mug and hat for my dad. 
Oma is so awesome.
That was a rather abrupt greeting.
I got an awesome-but-will-probably-end-looking-terrible plan for my siblings Christmas gifts. Yes, it's August, and yes, Christmas isn't in forever, but when you have 6 curious siblings you have to start early because 1, there is SIX of them, and 2, your time without them is limited.
To the post.
I got a beautiful girl, purple and red, and scroll down to see how small she gets. 

Look at that! That biggest one is a little more than 8", and the smallest is like a 1/4". It's crazy! (I also added a bit of color to the two smallest when I got home.)

Another picture of the morning. 🌅
We went out on the beach, and it was looking stormy, and the other kids just wanted to make sand castles, and I didn't, and I also needed a bit of introvert recharge, since my recharge time is either gone or shortened on vacation. So remember this?
See the thing that the jet skis are one? Well, I waded out there and sat on the far end, with my feet danging in the water. I looked out towards the bridge, or up at the sky, relaxed, kicked my feet in the water and talked to myself. Not loudly, just softly talked to myself, about whatever came to my mind. I was thinking talking about legos when I realized that Thorin was sneaking up on me, with Ivy behind, hoping to eavesdrop. Hopeless, Throin, Hopeless. You should have tried to get Ivy to do it, she would have gotten farther. Needless to say, I whirled around and chased to two of them across the beach, Ivy first. Since she's faster, I need to do it when I have the wind, then when I'm tired and satisfied, I chase down Thorin, who's easier to catch. We had a quick argument about what counts as weird, and I went back to my spot, splashing and talking to myself. It's become my new favorite place. 🙂

look at that strip of blue!

We were going home, and got ice cream. 🍦I also wrote some of a book I'm plotting, and its longer than I expected. But I stopped because I was trying to figure out everyone's name, and my siblings were reading over my shoulder and making fun. So I elbowed them. With 'the elbows of doom!' as Ivy and Thorin have named them. 😏

We got home, and I spotted a lovely cloud over the next door neighbors house.

And the crepe myrtle was blooming, so I tried to get some pictures. 

I love crepe myrtles. ❤

Have a wonderful day! 
Does that matryoshka get ridiculous tiny or what? Do you mind vacation 
posts? I hope not, because I got another one. 
Do your siblings drive you nuts?
 Do you like crepe myrtles? 


  1. As a fellow introvert, that jet ski dock sounds perfectly lovely.
    That's amazing how small the nesting dolls got!
    And I like crepe myrtles, too. :-)

  2. I have 7 siblings as well as two sister-in-laws, so I totally feel you!! I am also an introvert and love lakes!! Lucky! I like you vacation posts!