Thursday, August 10, 2017


Hey everybody! 🙋

Loren, I used all three prompts, and placed them where I used them.


There it was, the house from my dream. I trudged up to it, a little wary, but not too concerned. I had been dreaming about it for the past few days, and if my dreams were to be trusted, I could find what I needed here.
What I needed was my sister. 
I remembered how she used to cling to my hand and look at me so trustingly, with echos my mother's voice saying "You're her big sister. She's going to look up to you."
But now she was gone, leaving only a feather that looked like it came from a fairy tale.
That's when I started to dream.
I shook off the memories and went up the stairs.
I stepped in the door and looked around. Everything was just like in my dreams, and I knew where to go. As I turned and started walking out of the room, I noticed something out of place from the corner of my eye.
Something was written on one of the bricks creating the white fireplace.

Blasphemy // Bring Me The Horizon
ASK NO QUESTIONS AND YOU'LL GET NO LIES it claimed. I shivered. That hadn't been in any of my dreams, I wondered why.
I shook it off and turned into the main bedroom and scanned the shelves that lined the room. They were full of large, old books, but I was looking for one in particular. I spotted it at the end of a shelf. It was a smaller book, and I had dreamed this part many times over. I pulled it out, this was where I would get my answers, what happened to my sister, how to get her back, and where the feather came from. I placed it on the bed and opened it. 
Oh no.

The pages where burnt, and what wasn't burnt was water stained to be unreadable. No no no, this couldn't be true! I was supposed to get my answers, but my dream had been wrong, and- 
What was that?
I turned around, and saw a tall, thin man standing in the doorway. "Now, now, now," He said. "I did try to warn you. But now I'm afraid, you shall meet the same fate as your sister." I was startled. "You've seen my sister?" I asked. This guy was creepy, but maybe I could figure out how to get to her. He just smiled evilly. "tut, tut, tut." He said. "Ask no questions, and you'll get no lies." I heard footsteps behind me, and everything went black.


Don't worry, I'll continue it. 😉
I really had no idea where I was going with this story, so it was kind of fun! Like, funner than normal. 😂 
I've got some more photos to drown you with, but not many are about dolls. hmm. I should take one on a photo shoot. Oh! I've also (finally) got a craft I should post. And I feel like I should do another dollhouse tour, what do you think?
What did you think of my story? Do you want it to be continued? 
Should I do another dollhouse tour? We've been having a cool 
mini streak, what's your weather like?


  1. Ooh, this was so interesting and cool! You should continue it! :)

    1. thank you! I'm planning on it, though I'm still not sure where this story is going ;P
      Most crazily, ~Olive

  2. That was so amazing, Olive! You're a great writer. :D

    -Clara <3