About me

Hi! Olive is my (psuedo)name, Hidden Hollow is where I live, and this blog is where I share what I've been creating. I am a young teen and I love to sew clothing and craft accessories and furniture for my American Girl Doll. Thanks for stopping by!

Ok, done with the formal stuff. A few things to know.

1. I am totally weird. No, really! I'm so weird I take weird as a compliment. hee hee

2. When I grow up, I want to build an old fashioned pirate boat and sail around, dressed up and giving shows.

3. I really love (besides dolls) Star Wars, Percy Jackson, the Avengers, The hunger games, the Hobbit, Lord of the rings, and I guess the third Harry Potter book. (It's the best!)

4. I'm a Jedi. (not really)

5. I'm also a demigod. (not really) 

6. I'm also an elf. (not really)

7. I really want a pet dragon. But if not, I guess an elephant will do.

8. I have six younger siblings. Here they are, oldest first:
Ivy, owns Ruthie and Lea
Thorin Okenshield, or Thorin is my brother. He's very annoying.
Daisy, owns Elizabeth
Bucko, my other brother. Basically a very hyper monkey.
Bubbles, owns Sweety
Princess, owns Lucy

(To see more about my fandoms, click HERE and HERE.)


  1. I am also a HUGE Star Wars fan!

  2. So your a demigod, Jedi, Elf? cool, I'm kinda a mix of a hogwatrts student, demiogod, elf, pirate....and lot's of other things.

    Pleased to meet you, you have a nice blog

  3. I love your new background and color scheme! It's SO beautiful!


  4. I'm a child of Apollo who is in Ravenclaw and is also an Elvish Dragoncologist living in Wonderland. It's nice to meet you!

    1. Cool! I'm a daughter of Athena and an elf, Gryffindor or Ravenclaw, the sorting hat won't make up it's mind. :P ;)