Wednesday, August 17, 2016

This or that!

Hi girls! I wanted to post a photo story today, about Ruthie and her BB-8 droid, but SOMEBODY *glares at siblings* lost the i-pod so I can't take any pictures. >:[ 
So I decided to do another this or that. :p

The blonde, or the brunette?

Kaya, or Melody?

  Maryellen's school outfit, or Addy's school outfit?

Image result for american girl addys school outfit

Sunshine garden outfit, or the seaside fun outfit

(Why are these pics acting up? grrr.)
Recces ready outfit, or the shimmer doodle outfit?
(Have I asked this question before?)

Lea's Bahia outfit or Grace's city outfit?

My pics are:
.The blonde, she's adorable! (But I like the brunette to.)
.mmmm, Melody, her hair! :0
.Maryellen's, it's purple! :D
.The sunshine garden outfit, I like the shoes.
.ehh, I suppose the shimmer doodle outfit.
.Grace's city outfit, so cute!

Sorry that was so short, the pictures were causing problems and It was driving me crazy. :P
I also meant to post this yesterday, but we went to target, and didn't get back until late. (At least too late to try to finish this post :p ) My grandpa had already given me my birthday money, I spent half of it on a pair of shoes, and the other half on a our generation set/outfit that I've wanted for awhile. But I don't get to have it until Saturday. >:[ 
Say la ve, bye!

P.S. I decided to keep this sigh off, it's so cute!
It's also because she can't find the other one she made.
 Hmph. you try to find one uncategorized image in all this mess.....
Uhh, I think I have to go take care of my chickens now. Bye!


  1. ok here's my pics....

    both, kaya, Mariellen's school outfit, sunshine garden outfit,shimmer doodle outfit,aaaaannnnnddd lea's bahia outfit!


  2. Brunette, kaya, Maryellens, sunshine garden outfit, shimmer doodle outfit, and leas bahia outfit