Wednesday, May 1, 2019

This month on Instagram #7 -April

Hi everybody!
I hope you guys had a good month and great Easter, I know I did. I sewed myself a bag to keep my bible and some other things in it, its reversible, and has a pocket with a zipper. :D
Anyway here are the pictures. :)

I've got a big drawing that I'm working on, and another one that I'm itching to start.

 I also got quite a bit of writing done this month so yayyyy.
lil' doggo

heehee flower crown 🌸🐢🌸 

my lovely girl in her treeπŸ’š 


exclusive sun flare photoπŸ˜‰

me mom's lilac. Ain't it purty?

love it.

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I already took the photos that i'll be posting over the course of May, (oooh look at me, being on time for once) but its really only because my entire family is leaving for a mission trip in Vermont tomorrow, so i need something ready. Also all the flowers are starting to die already. shmmf. 
(that was a noise of displeasure btw)

see ya'll later, 

Monday, April 8, 2019

'lego at sunrise'

Ah, sounds romantic, doesn't it? With that kind of title, I could get my photography into the Smithsonian. 


Anyway, I went to D-now with my church for the first time last week and I actually enjoyed it. Well, except for the part where stood in line for snow cones for 30 minutes, got to front of the line,  and before we could get our snow cones, got called away for mandatory games of torment in the sun. πŸ˜‘ not cool dude.
 I digress.
Saturday morning was really pretty, and the house we were staying at had a window where you could see the sunrise, and big blinds that were the perfect size for mini figs and an i-phone camera. (technically I have a samsung) 

 So since she's supposed to be me, the long wavy hair is so not correct. But its about the right color. This new hair is the right cut, it looks like my hair, but my hair isn't black. *siiiiiiiiiiiiiigggghhhhh*

 But the sky is just so pretty!!!!!!!!πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

 I retook the picture with the other hair to see what looked better


her face is in such a sad condition.😒 

Goodness I love these photos.


Wednesday, April 3, 2019

This month on Instagram #6 -March

Hey ya'll!
This month I shared a  photoshoot of Blaire, since she hasn't gotten any pictures yet. 

.....Oh shoot, I don't think I've introduced her here, just on insta. oops.


Daisy got Blaire for her birthday in February, so she's the new girl in the family now. She's pretty cute, but her curls are hard to take care of, but I think its only because I have like, zero experience in dealing with curly hair. also it was insanely windy when I was taking these pictures.
anyway, here's the pics.

 Uhg I love this outfit. I sewed a bunch of clothes for her, since mom let me know before hand, and I knew I had to make some lil' overalls. :)

Ahhhh her hair is such a messπŸ˜…

 I've got a shoot for Kit planned for this month, and the flowers I needed started blooming.....and then it rained. πŸ˜‘ but it should be nice today, so hopefully i'll get it done. :)


Anyone doing camp nano? What are you working on?

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

This month on Instagram #5 -February

So yeah, I took a break during January, but I returned for February. And almost all of these pictures have a different filter, since the original lighting was AWFUL. 

 The new doll is Sophie. Princess got her for Christmas, she's a re-named glitter girl.✨

Pretty girlπŸ’— 

They turned out quite lovely, in my opinion. If you check out my account, (@hiddenhollowagdolls) and notice one of Kit and Camille that has been filtered black and white, I had just read Salt to the Sea. Guys, I cried. Actual crying, continues tears streaming down my face and my throat was all choked up so I couldn't rant about the ending properly to my rather amused mother. I mean, it was about a tragedy, but still. BOTH OF MY FAVORITES DIED. BOTH. OF. THEM. I mean, I stilled liked the other people and I'm glad they survived but STILL. (also all the people dying in the back round made my heart goπŸ’”)
Its a good book. Read it. 

Also, Madi has gotten an Instagram! You can check it out HERE.
(and be sure to pray for her, her health has been rather bad lately☹️)

Well, see you soon! 

P.s. I am soooo ready for spring!!!